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Just press to cool or warm.
Feel better in seconds.

Feeling uncomfortable or out of control with temperature? With the Wave, all it takes is one press for instant cool relief or soothing warmth.

For 5 - 60 minutes at a time, the Wave generates a series of pleasant cool or warm sensations on your inner wrist, activating a natural brain pathway that helps you feel better.

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Better days

Temperature relief for all-day comfort

Like the feeling of a warm bath or cool breeze, the Wave delivers patented temperature sensations to your skin that help you feel more comfortable overall and find instant relief from hot flashes.

“We did not expect a device so small to have this kind of measurable impact on the user’s thermal comfort.”

Dr. Hui Zhang | UC Berkeley Center For The Built Environment

Better Nights

Your secret to cooler and better sleep

Temperature and sleep are intimately connected at the physiological level. The Wave relaxes you right to sleep with calming sensations and lets you rest easy at the temperature that’s just right for you.

Crossover study showed that using the Wave for two weeks can help reduce insomnia, sleep disturbance, and nighttime hot flashes.

J & J Innovation | J Composto et al., Behav Sleep Med (2019)

Safe & Tested

Backed by science

In research studies with Johnson & Johnson Innovation, UC Berkeley, and other partners, Wave users reported a 20% average improvement in how temperature interferes in their day-to-day life after just one week.

  • Up to 9° of comfort within minutes
  • 9 degrees of comfort

    In a thermal comfort study at the UC Berkeley Center For The Built Environment, scientists found that using the Wave for only 3 minutes helped participants feel an average of 5 degrees cooler or warmer.

    Women in particular felt an impactful 9 degrees cooler and 6 degrees warmer.

    The graph the shows the difference in perceived temperature reported by the participants of the study.

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  • 21% less sleep disturbance & daytime sleepiness
  • Improved multiple measures of sleep

    The Wave was part of a crossover study with Johnson & Johnson Innovation with women.

    Participants who used the Wave at night for two weeks reported a 17% reduction in sleep disturbance, a 21% reduction in insomnia, and a 25% reduction in daytime sleepiness.

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  • 168% better control of hot flashes
  • More control over hot flashes

    The Wave was part of a crossover clinical study with Johnson & Johnson Innovation of women experiencing hot flashes.

    Participants who used the Wave reported a 168% improvement in control over hot flashes.

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Joyance Partners Johnson & Johnson Innovation NSF Berkeley digitx

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The Wave 2 The Wave 2

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Over 70,000 happy customers & counting

Find out why so many people are joining the Thermal Wellness movement.

“I have the ability to do something about my hot flashes now. It’s been a lifesaver.”

Laurie J.

Hot Flashes

“I wear my Wave every night to prevent those mid-sleep sweat experiences!”

Alison G.


"The Wave 2 has a really nice design. And literally at the press of a button, you can change the temperature.”

Amanda T.

Hot Flashes

“Since getting this gadget, my mood has improved as a result of the instant relief.

Timothy P.


“With dysautonomia, regulating your temperature can be a nightmare. But the Wave keeps me in control.”

Jenni P.


"I tend to sweat a great deal—the term “sweat hog” would fit. 3 hours of kids, dogs, and adults and I stayed calm, cool, and collected. It works."

John M.


"The hot flashes are horrible and the meds I've tried barely helped. This amazing little contraption was from the gods."

Laura B.

Hot Flashes

“The Wave has given me so much more freedom to roll with the flow while living with MS.”

Aly M.


“The Wave truly helps with hot flashes or cold sweats from menopause.”

Loretta S.

Hot Flashes

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