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We’re working to make life better with thermal relief.

Matthew Smith, Ph.D.

Research & Development

A passionate experimentalist, Matt is dedicated to improving people’s lives & the planet through applied materials science. He holds a Ph.D. in Materials Science & Engineering from MIT, where he concentrated on advanced materials characterization, entrepreneurship, & karaoke.

Sam Shames

Engineering & Supply Chain

A true energy amplifier, Sam believes that temperature is undervalued & has near limitless potential to improve human well-being. Sam graduated from MIT in 2014 with a BS in Materials Science & Engineering, & a minor in Energy Studies. His previous experience includes modeling the structure of bone, research applications for solar thermal fuels, & building a biodiesel processor. He has been recognized as a Forbes 30 Under 30 &, outside of EMBR, he is an assistant coach for the MIT wrestling team & enjoys cooking, reading, cello, & writing.

David Cohen-Tanugi, Ph.D.

Research & Development

A thoughtful listener & technical thinker, David loves turning technologies into products. He obtained his Ph.D. in Materials Science & Engineering, where he developed more efficient membranes for water desalination. His work has been ranked by Smithsonian Magazine among the Most Surprising Scientific Milestones of 2012, & he has been recognized by the Forbes 30 Under 30. David is an avid rock climber & meditator, & also enjoys playing smooth jazz in the office.

Bob Balke

Business Development

A senior business executive, Bob Balke has led & invested in early-stage technology companies for 30+ years. He formerly served as CTO, CMO, Director, & General Manager at General Electric, Eastman Chemical, & Dow Chemical, where he oversaw more than 100 new businesses & more than 1,000 new products. In 2013, he survived a 4-month journey to the brink of death following a pulmonary embolism.


Meet Embr Labs

Embr labs was founded by MIT students who are passionate about letting people take control of their own comfort.

Our mission is to harness the power of temperature to improve personal comfort & save energy. We are driven by the realization that existing temperature solutions haven’t significantly evolved in the last hundred years: these solutions are passive, low-tech, & impersonal.

Since our early days in 2013, we’ve been on a mission to bring next-generation personalizable wearable temperature to the world.

Matt Smith, Sam Shames, Mike Gibson, & David Cohen-Tanugi invent Embr Wave while at MIT.
Embr Labs is a finalist in Intel Make it Wearable.
Embr Labs is officially incorporated. EMBR stands for Environment, Mind, Body Resonance.
Embr Labs is a finalist in the Intel Make it Wearable competition, later receiving a $100k investment from Intel Capital.
Embr begins the final product design of Embr Wave.
Embr receives a $225k grant award from the US National Science Foundation.
Bose Ventures becomes a strategic investor in Embr Labs.
Our manufacturer successfully completes the Engineering Pilot build of Embr Wave.
Embr Wave raises $630K on Kickstarter.
Embr Wave arrives in stock and is available for sale.