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Don't Let Hot Flashes Hold Your Team Back

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Hot flashes keep people from performing at their best

Women and men who experience hot flashes—whether due to menopause or treatment for certain cancers—often find thermal discomfort keeping them from being at 100% when they’re at work. Hot flashes are uncomfortable, distracting, and embarrassing to deal with, and hot flashes at night lead to fatigue, stress, and brain fog the next day.

With Embr Wave, you can help your employees manage hot flashes and related symptoms seamlessly, so they can stay focused and be present when it matters most.

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A new solution for the management of hot flashes

Embr Wave is a smart thermal wristband that uses temperature to help women and men feel more comfortable and get personalized thermal relief on demand. At the touch of a button, it instantly generates gentle cooling or warming sensations, triggering a natural mind-body response that helps users feel better fast.

With a sleek, discreet design and an easy-to-use mobile app, Embr Wave gives your employees the power to easily manage hot flashes, chills, night sweats, stress, and sleep disruptions—in the boardroom, in the home office, and everywhere in between.

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"Being a professional woman in her fifties, hot flashes can be embarrassing and distracting. The Embr Wave has given me back my dignity and composure at work with a discreet touch of a button. It is a life saver."

Embr Wave user Gilda H.

Give your employees the power of personalized hot flash relief when they need it most.

Benefits For Employees

Better Sleep

Temperature is strongly connected to sleep quality. Embr Wave’s gentle warming or cooling sensations are clinically proven to help users fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

 A clinical study performed with Johnson & Johnson found that participants who used the Wave for two weeks were able to reduce insomnia, minimize sleep disturbances, and mitigate nighttime hot flashes more effectively. 

Embr Wave helps employees get the rest they need so they can do the work they need to do.

Less Stress

If you’ve ever taken a warm bath to relax or splashed cold water on your face to calm down, you’ve seen firsthand how effective temperature can be when it comes to alleviating stress.

Embr Wave lets employees take advantage of temperature to relieve stress and start feeling better at the touch of a button, so they can stay calm, cool, and collected whenever tension strikes.

Embr Wave helps employees manage stress and stay focused longer.

Personalized Control

The Embr Wave mobile app allows employees to find hot flash relief that’s optimized just for them.

With the app, they can customize settings like duration and temperature level, and they can explore thermal sessions designed specifically to help with hot flashes, stress, comfort, and sleep. The app also lets users track their history and learn from their patterns, so they can make Embr Wave even more effective over time.

Embr Wave helps employees get relief that’s just right, so they can feel like themselves again.

Anytime, Anywhere Comfort

With a sleek, comfortable design and long battery life, Embr Wave provides convenient, effective, and discreet access to thermal relief whenever and wherever it’s needed. 

Whether your employees are feeling the scorching heat of a hot flash or the shivering chills that often follow a hot flash, they can instantly activate warming or cooling sensations to help them feel more comfortable in seconds.

Embr Wave helps employees stop thermal disruptions in their tracks, anytime and anywhere.

You’ve hired the best. Give them what they need to be their best.

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Hear What Users Are Saying About Embr Wave

Hot flashes disrupt my sleep and my flow at work. The Embr Wave 2 has not only brought me relief, but it has shortened the hot flashes dramatically. Worth EVERY penny. If you are menopausal, the Embr Wave 2 will provide relief you can’t get from a pill.


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Learn how to get started with Embr Wave.

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Get the facts

Download our hot flash white paper to learn more about how Embr Wave can give your employees immediate hot flash relief. Get the facts about hot flashes, the science of temperature, Embr Wave technology, and more.

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"The Wave 2 delivers the most powerful cooling sensation yet"

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"Downshift your temperature by up to 9 degrees"

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