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Immediate Hot Flash Relief For Patients

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Hot flashes and night sweats (also known as vasomotor symptoms or VMS) can be a major source of distress and discomfort for anyone who experiences them. Whether hot flashes are caused by hormonal changes in natural menopause, bilateral ovariectomy, or treatment for prostate, breast, or gynecologic cancer, finding solutions that are safe, effective, and convenient for your patients can be challenging.

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The Hot Flash Solution You've Been Looking For

Embr Wave is a smart thermal wristband that uses temperature to help women and men feel more comfortable and get personalized hot flash relief on demand.

At the touch of a button, it instantly generates gentle cooling or warming sensations, triggering a natural mind-body response that helps users feel better fast. With a sleek, discreet design and an easy-to-use mobile app, Embr Wave gives patients the power to manage hot flashes, chills, night sweats, stress, and sleep disruptions—anytime and anywhere.

And since Embr Wave is non-pharmacological and non-invasive, you can offer patients effective relief without worrying about harmful interactions or side effects.

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“Embr Wave is a non-medicinal wearable solution

designed to provide hot flash relief for women and men experiencing uncomfortable heat or cold. Using it for temperature control can optimize patient management.” 

Dr. Pamela Peeke
Chief Medical Officer
Embr Labs

Clinically Tested, Backed by Science

Embr Wave has been clinically shown to provide effective relief for populations experiencing hot flashes and related symptoms due to:

• Natural menopause
• Prostate cancer
• Breast cancer


In a clinical trial, menopausal women who used Embr Wave for two weeks reported:
• Over 2x improvement in hot flash control
• Reduced hot flash interference with daily life
• Less discomfort when a hot flash occurs

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Prostate Cancer

A pilot study on the use of Embr Wave for management of hot flashes and night sweats in men with prostate cancer showed improvements across all four measures:
• Number of hot flashes
• Hot flash control
• Hot flash bother
• Hot flash Interference with daily life / sleep

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Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center

Breast Cancer

Results from a 4-week clinical trial on the use of Embr Wave to manage hot flashes in women with a history of breast cancer showed positive outcomes for:
• Hot flash interference
• Number of hot flashes
• User satisfaction

"The results from the Embr Wave pilot study give me hope that we can give patients the relief they need."

"Hot flash management has been understudied and inadequately managed, and patients with prostate cancer have been suffering for years in silence. The results from the Embr Wave pilot study give me hope that we can give patients the relief they need without adding more medicines to treat problems caused by medications used to treat their cancer."

Dr. Alicia Morgans
Medical Director, Cancer Survivorship Program
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Faculty Member Harvard Medical School

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Patented Non-Pharmacological Relief

Together with Embr Wave, you can give your patients the power of temperature for personalized hot flash relief when they need it most. And relief from hot flashes isn’t all they’ll get…

Benefits For Patients

Better Sleep

Temperature is also strongly connected to sleep quality. Embr Wave’s gentle warming or cooling sensations are clinically proven to help users fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. 

A University of Massachusetts clinical study supports the feasibility of the Embr Wave for the management of sleep disruptions caused by participants’ perception of excessive heat and night sweats.

 A clinical study performed with Johnson & Johnson found that participants who used the Wave for two weeks were able to reduce insomnia, minimize sleep disturbances, and mitigate nighttime hot flashes more effectively. 

Embr Wave helps patients get better rest during treatment.

Personalized Control

The Embr Wave mobile app allows patients to find hot flash relief that’s optimized just for them.

• Explore thermal sessions specifically designed to address hot flashes, sleep, stress, and comfort.
• Set the temperature level and choose session duration, with runtimes ranging from 3 minutes to 9 hours.
• Easily access favorite sessions by reprogramming the Wave’s buttons.
• Keep track of the way the device is used to gain insight from daily and nightly patterns.
• Download updates and improvements for the Embr Wave device.

Embr Wave helps patients personalize their relief for optimal results.

Less Stress

If you’ve ever taken a warm bath to relax or splashed cold water on your face to calm down, you’ve seen firsthand how effective temperature can be when it comes to alleviating stress.

Embr Wave lets patients take advantage of temperature to relieve stress and start feeling better at the touch of a button, so they can stay calmer and more in control whenever things get tense.

Embr Wave helps patients be less stressed as you manage their care.

Anytime, Anywhere Comfort

With a sleek, comfortable design and long battery life, Embr Wave provides convenient, effective, and discreet access to thermal relief whenever and wherever it’s needed. 

Whether your patients are feeling the scorching heat of a hot flash or the shivering chills that often follow a hot flash, they can instantly activate warming or cooling sensations to help them feel more comfortable in seconds.

Embr Wave helps patients regain a sense of control and the ability to live life without thermal discomfort getting in the way. 

See It In Action

Learn how to get started with Embr Wave.

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You’re giving the best care available. Embr Wave is a natural addition.

If you have a question about the clinical science or potential application for your patients, please reach out to our Chief Medical Officer Dr. Pamela Peeke.

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Hear What Patients Are Saying

Perimenopause hit me fast and hard. Regardless of the different prescriptions and OTC medications my doctor had me try, my hot flashes & night sweats always came back. This device had been integral in reducing the severity and length of each flare up. I can honestly say that this device gave back the life my crippling hot flashes tried to take from me.

Melinda H.