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The Ultimate Band Bundle
The Ultimate Band Bundle
The Ultimate Band Bundle
The Ultimate Band Bundle

The Ultimate Band Bundle

$115  $58

Let your Wave be as unique as you are with our Ultimate Band Bundle, featuring three of our customizable band options. This bundle gives you the freedom to make your Wave fit for whatever occasion life throws at you.

Includes our new Pink Nylon Band, new Midnight Blue Nylon Band and classic Black Leather Band.

Switch it Up

Change up your look with each of our unique custom band options.

Nylon Band: 8 g //0.3 oz
Leather Band: 20 g // 0.7 oz
Nylon Band: circumference approx. 130 - 210 mm // 5.1 - 8.2 in
Leather Band: circumference approx. 130 - 195 mm // 5.1 - 7.6 in
Nylon Band: Nylon and velcro
Leather Band: Vegan leather with magnetic clasp
1 x Midnight Blue Comfort Band, 1 x Black Vegan Leather Band, and 1 x Pink Comfort Band
All accessories come with our standard 30-day return policy.
Read more Returns & Exchanges FAQs here.
Do I need to purchase a separate band along with my Wave Bracelet?
No, you don’t have to buy a separate band—unless you want to! Every Wave Bracelet comes with a standard Milanese loop band made of stainless steel in a matching finish.

How do I change the band on my Wave?
Embr Wave does not feature a quick-release clasp, but every band accessory is shipped with a tool to use for installation. Click here for instructions and a 2-minute how-to video.

What other band colors and styles are available for the Wave Bracelet?
We’re currently offering nylon comfort bands (velcro closure) in silver white, pink, and midnight blue. We also offer a vegan PU leather band (magnetic closure) in black. View all accessories for the Wave Bracelet here.


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