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The Wave Bracelet Pink Winter Bundle

$359  $299

The Wave’s breakthrough science lets you cool down or warm up with the press of a button.

Winter Bundle
Rose Gold Embr Wave Bracelet + Travel Case + Limited Edition Pink Comfort Band 

(Nylon band comes in addition to the standard Milanese loop band pictured.)

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Pink Comfort Band
$35 + $25

Pink Comfort Band

Silver White Comfort Band
$35 + $25

Silver White Comfort Band

Black Leather Band
$45 + $35

Black Leather Band


Adjustable to
fit all wrist sizes


Natural and
safe science


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The Wave makes temperature personal

Gain control of your comfort, cool down from stress, and sleep at your ideal temperature. With 2-3 days of battery life per charge, you'll always be in control.

Size Wave bracelet: 52 x 39 x 13 mm, Pink Band circumference: 130 - 210 mm, Case: 94mm x 94mm x 56mm

Weight Wave bracelet: 40g, Pink Band: 0.3 oz or 8 g, Case: 3.2 oz or 90 g

Materials Wave bracelet: Hypoallergenic, Stainless Steel Milanese, Ceramic, Pink Band: Nylon and velcro, Case: Vegan leather with a rubber insert and fabric lining

Battery Lithium Ion, 2-3 Days of Intermittent Use, Up to 50 Sessions

Charge Time 100% in 2 to 2.5 hours

Size One Size Fits All, Adjustable

Wave Bracelet: Thermal bracelet that cools and warms to improve your comfort, cool you down from stress, and let you sleep at your ideal temperature. Comes with standard milanese loop band.

Micro USB charging cable: For charging your Wave.

Soft pouch: Grey branded pouch to protect your Wave from scratches and scuffs.

Quickstart guide: Booklet that teaches you how to get started with your Wave.

Extra Band: Valentine’s Day Bundle includes a FREE Limited Edition Pink Comfort Band in addition to standard silver milanese loop band.

Travel Case: Valentine’s Day Bundle includes a FREE Travel Case to protect your Wave Bracelet

The Wave is a unique gift that takes time to get used to. That’s why we offer easy 30-day returns. Try thermal wellness without worry.

Will the Wave fit my wrist?
Yes! The Wave’s band adjusts to fit wrists between 130 - 210 mm (about 5.1 - 8.3 in) in circumference. If an Apple Watch, a Fitbit, or any other wearable device fits your wrist, then the Wave fits your wrist.

Why the wrist? Can I wear it elsewhere?
The inside of your wrist is one of the most temperature-sensitive spots on your body. That’s because there is a high density of temperature-sensitive nerve endings, known as thermoreceptors. If you’ve ever run cold water on your wrists, you already how sensitive this area is!

The Wave was designed to work best on the inside of your wrist. That said, we have heard from some customers who wear their Waves in creative ways. Keep in mind that different parts of the body have different thermal sensitivities, so something that feels just warm on one part of the body might feel too hot in a different spot. For this reason, we'd recommend being careful when trying Embr Wave on other parts of the body for the first time.

What if I already wear an Apple Watch or something else on my wrist?
We have lots of customers who already wear an Apple Watch. Most tell us that they treat the Wave as an accessory for certain occasions.

For example, if they’re headed to a place where they know they’ll be uncomfortable or stressed (like a restaurant, grocery store, or work event), they’ll opt for the Wave instead of their Apple Watch. Or they’ll bring their Wave along in a pocket book and break it out when the time is right. We do have other customers who wear both at the same time.

Is it just tricking my brain?
The Wave doesn’t trick your brain, and it’s not a placebo. It works naturally with your body and mind, responding as it normally would to local temperature sensations. Think about how you feel on a cold day holding your hands around a warm mug or splashing water on your face in the summer. The Wave packages those feelings into a device that you can wear every day, and customize it just for you.

How powerful is the Wave?
The Wave is not designed for extreme conditions and should not be considered a replacement for a jacket or additional layers, nor can it prevent you from heatstroke or heat exhaustion. The Wave is for moments of discomfort, not danger.

How long is the battery life and how do I charge it?
Embr Wave is designed to give about 15-50 sessions of warming/cooling on a full charge, which translates to about 2-3 days of intermittent use for most people.

The actual battery life will depend on a range of factors including things like the environmental conditions, the intensity of warming/cooling sessions, and frequency of usage.

Does it change your core body temperature?
It does not! The Wave can change your comfort without changing your body temperature by using thermal sensations across your entire body. Just like when you’re cold and wrap your hands around a mug of tea, you don’t need to change your core body temperature in order to feel more comfortable!

How do I use Affirm?
On the last page of checkout, select “Affirm Monthly Payments” for your Payment option. After entering your billing address and click “Confirm Order”, where you will be sent to Affirm’s website and asked to answer a few pieces of personal information, and learn more about what your loan options are.

You must be in the United States, 18 years of age or older (19 if in Alabama or Nebraska), and not a resident of Iowa or West Virginia.

Can I try it in person?
For the most part, Embr Wave is sold online, and we encourage you to try it out yourself. We have a 30-day return policy (extended for the holiday season) for this reason!

We do have a few authorized retailers with physical locations, and if you live nearby we would recommend checking them out and demo-ing the product.

MoMA Design Store: New York, NY

B8ta Store Locations: Palo Alto (Bryant Street), Santa Monica (Santa Monica Place), Seattle (University Village), Austin (Austin Warehouse and Domain), San Francisco (Hayes Valley), Corte Madera (Corte Madera Village), Houston (Galleria), Scottsdale (Fashion Square Mall), Short Hills (The Mall at Short Hills), New York City (Hudson Yards), San Francisco (Chase Center).

Can I get it on Amazon?
We do not currently sell Embr Wave on Amazon. If you'd like to purchase using your Amazon account, you can buy Embr Wave using Amazon Pay through our website! Just select the Amazon Pay option during checkout.

If you purchase an Embr Wave on Amazon, we are not able to honor returns or warranty requests, as we're not able to vouch for the authenticity of units being sold by unauthorized sellers.

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Shirley W.


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I’m still getting used to finally having control of something that’s driven me crazy all my life, but I’m really happy about it!

For Cooling

Michael H.

For Cooling

For Cooling
For Cooling


For Cooling

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I have been battling hot flashes for years and this is the first thing that has helped.

For Cooling

Cyndi P.

For Cooling

Cooling and Warming
Cooling and Warming


Cooling and Warming

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I use it for both hot and cold, on my commute to work, at the office, and even in business meetings.

For Warming

Nick F.

For Warming

For Warming
For Warming


For Warming

Do it your way

Do it your way

Connect your device to the Embr Labs App and unlock the full power of the Wave.
Control your comfort with Sleep, Extended, and Custom modes.

Control your comfort with Sleep, Quick, Extended, and Custom modes.

Make it
your own

Get the bracelet, app, and all the accessories you need to start feeling warmer or cooler.

See why people love Embr Wave