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Embr Wave Travel Case
Embr Wave Travel Case
Embr Wave Travel Case

Embr Wave Travel Case

Protect your Wave bracelet wherever you go. With our redesigned and sleeker Travel Case, you won’t stress about packing your Embr Wave into a backpack, purse, or suitcase. Safeguard your Wave from bumps and markups, and ensure it doesn’t turn on in your bag while traveling.

Protect your Wave on-the-go

Safely carry your Wave in your purse or bag with the Travel Case.

Weight: 3.2 oz or 90 g
Overall dimensions: 94mm x 94mm x 56mm
Material: Vegan leather with a rubber insert and fabric lining
Like Embr Wave, our accessories come with a 30-day return policy
What is the travel case made out of?
The case has a vegan leather exterior and fabric-lined interior, with a rubber insert to help keep your Wave in place.

What is the difference between the travel case and the case the device already comes with?
Embr Wave comes with a fabric pouch to help protect your device from scratches, but wouldn’t protect it from impact if you were to drop the device or have it thrown around in a bag. The hard shell of the travel case protects the device on the outside and the rubber insert keeps your Wave in place, protecting it from drops and keeping it safe during travel.


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