Warm Reception Ignites Launch of Embr Wave: A Wristband That Controls Your Feeling of Temperature

Warm Reception Ignites Launch of Embr Wave:

A Wristband That Controls Your Feeling of Temperature

The “hottest” and “coolest” product out of MIT this year


CAMBRIDGE, Massachusetts—Wednesday, September 27, 2017. After 4 years of development, a group of MIT scientists is launching the Embr Wave, a wristband for anyone who has ever uttered the phrase “I’m too hot” or “I’m too cold” in a room full of comfortable people. With only the press of a button, Wave helps you feel colder or warmer so you can also be comfortable. In this way, it can personalize your experience of temperature in any situation, just as headphones personalized how we experience music.

This video shows Embr Wave in action.

We all have stories of suffering in silence. We wish we could get out of a hot subway car, improve the temperature of a cold airplane, and perhaps most often, change the office thermostat—where engineers only aim to find a temperature in which 80% of occupants are comfortable. For those times you wished you could control the temperature, Embr Wave has you covered.

The stylish wristband is based on the insight that warming or cooling one spot on your body, similar to dipping your foot in a jacuzzi, can make your entire body feel better. The device, initially called Embr Wave during research and development, therefore focuses on warming and cooling your wrist (not substantially changing your core temperature) so you can get immediate relief. This focused approach allows Embr Wave to uniquely offer warmth and cold in the same device, similar to warming your hands by the fire or cooling your neck with an ice cube. It is also far more energy-efficient: you can get 25-50 sessions of thermal relief on one charge.

Embr Wave has both physical and emotional benefits. Temperature can help you:

  • Be more comfortable
  • Feel less stressed
  • Improve your mood
  • Improve your productivity
  • Even fall asleep more easily

Like so many others, the founders had each experienced thermal discomfort. In 2014, they realized for the first time that they had the training and tools to tackle the problem head on. Embr Wave solves complex problems at the intersection of engineering, neuroscience, psychology, and physiology.

“Temperature is a new and big frontier for personal technology,” said Sam Shames, co-founder of Embr Labs. “We’ve accepted impractical solutions—just think of splashing water on your face. And even when there are good solutions, we often may feel embarrassed to do anything.”

Bose Ventures and Intel Capital are strategic investors behind Embr Wave, offering a wealth of insights into developing technology and products that consumers love.

“Embr’s personalized heating and cooling technology is really innovative, and we believe it has a lot of potential,” said Steve Romine, Managing Director of Bose Ventures.  “We’re excited to see them bring it to life with the Embr Wave, and look forward to customers experiencing it for themselves.”

Embr Wave will cost $299, but for a limited time, Embr Labs is offering it at a significant discount to early adopters via a Kickstarter campaign. The product is available in metallic gray and will ship this fall with a charging cable and adjustable wristband.

To find out more and learn how you can join their campaign, visit their Kickstarter page.

About Embr Labs

At Embr Labs, we believe thermal is personal, and we are on a mission to return temperature control to where it matters: the individual.

Our mission is to harness the power of temperature to improve personal comfort and save energy. We are driven by a shared belief in the importance of connecting mind, body and environment. Using our patent-pending technology, we’re working hard to harness the power of temperature to improve personal comfort.

Embr Labs was founded by four MIT students and is backed by investors including Bose Ventures. Learn more at embrlabs.com.