Give the Gift of Comfort

Put an end to the stress of gift shopping with one product —the Embr Wave.

The Wave addresses issues like hot flashes, night sweats, and discomfort from extreme cold or heat. Thinking of someone? Let’s unpack who can benefit from the Embr Wave.


The Chilly Coworker

While sitting at your desk, you suddenly hear loud tapping and turn to see your neighboring co-worker furiously hitting backspace on their computer. “These gloves are so hard to type in!” they fume. You suggest that taking the gloves off might help, but they insist that the office is an icebox while turning their personal space heater up a notch.

Say goodbye to ridiculous space heaters.


The Thermostat Tinkerer

Adjusting the thermostat is a never ending battle, someone turns the heat off just right as you get warm and cozy. The Thermostat Tinkerer strikes again. With everyone having different temperature preferences, it's a challenge to find that perfect setting.

Imagine having your own personal climate dial: a responsive tool that anticipates the body's need for thermal comfort without making a scene.Thanks to the Embr Wave’s customizable settings, there's no longer a need to engage in thermostat wars. 

The era of temperature tussles is officially over.

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The Restless Sleeper

There's nothing worse than trying to get a good night's sleep when you're always too warm. It's a constant battle to find the cool side of the pillow or to try and stick a foot out of the covers to get some relief.

Embr Wave allows users to adjust temperatures to their liking, providing a personalized sleep experience. The Embr Wave's All-Night mode, delivers steady cooling waves throughout the night to prevent night sweats, which can be a significant disrupter of sleep.

Say goodbye to endless searches for the elusive cool side of the pillow, and give the gift of soothing relief to those who suffer from perpetual nighttime heat.

Give up the chase for the elusive cool side of the pillow.


The Modern Traveler

The Embr Wave is undoubtedly a must-have for any travel enthusiast. This wearable climate control device provides personalized comfort without attracting too much attention. Its subtle design allows you to maintain a low profile and not stand out in a crowd while staying comfortable. The Wave comes with an app that allows you to customize the temperature settings and curate unique sensation patterns.

Whether it's adjusting to cold planes or crowded busses, the Embr Wave is a practical addition to any traveler's toolkit. Transform travel from an endurance test into an experience of personalized ease.

Your copilot in temperature turbulence.

Cool down, or warm up your holidays with Embr Wave.

Receive 20% OFF Embr Wave for a limited time only and receive free shipping & a free gift with purchase.


Cool down, or warm up your holidays with Embr Wave.

Receive 20% OFF Embr Wave for a limited time only and receive free shipping & a free gift with purchase.


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