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Resources to Use and Understand your Embr Wave

Get back to feeling your best

The resources below help you understand how the Embr Wave works with your body. Learn how to stay connected to your body and benefit from the therapeutic power of temperature to manage hot flashes, sleep, and other menopause symptoms.

Sleeping woman in bed wearing the rose gold Embr Wave 2 bracelet on her right wrist.

Hot flashes

Hot flashes happen without warning.

With Embr Wave, cooling relief is at your fingertips, whenever and wherever you need it. Learn how to use your Embr Wave to get control over your hot flashes.

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Menopause doesn’t get the final say.

Menopause can have a huge impact on a woman's quality of life and her ability to be successful in her work. Embr Wave lets you unlock the power of temperature to get relief from menopause symptoms like stress and insomnia.

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Download our free white paper to get the facts about hot flashes, the science of temperature, Embr Wave technology, and more, all in one easy document.

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"Genius gadget to keep you cool at home"

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“The Wave is—at least for the near future—the only game in town.”

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"Packs a high-tech punch"

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"The Wave 2 delivers the most powerful cooling sensation yet"

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“Shark Tank Your Life” Pitch Winner

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"Intuitive and easy to use"

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