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Embr Labs partners with brands that have long-term, authentic relationships with their brand ambassadors.

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Here's What We're All About

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Cutting Edge Technology

Our patented technology is backed by peer-reviewed clinical research and grounded in advanced thermal science. Embr Labs and our award-winning Embr Wave products are being used around the world to help people manage their hot flashes and related menopause symptoms at the touch of a button.

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Made for Women, Led by Women

We recognize that a wide range of identities and experiences are essential for creating the best possible products and workplace. The Embr Labs team exemplifies our values of inclusivity and diversity, from the engineering lab to the board room. 

We are proudly led by a female CEO and Chief Medical Officer, and our growing team has been recognized by the Boston Women’s Workforce Council for gender and racial diversity. 

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Holistic Solutions

Embr Wave is designed to work with the body naturally, using temperature to help people find safe, effective, and convenient relief from hot flashes, insomnia, stress, and other menopause symptoms.

Whether they’re seeking alternatives to pharmacological remedies or searching for on-demand relief that can be used alongside existing treatments, everyone deserves better options for relief. That’s why we created Embr Wave.

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Leading the Conversation Around Hot Flash Relief

At Embr Labs, we are committed to using our knowledge, innovation, and expertise to bring new and much-needed solutions for anyone experiencing hot flashes, whether it’s women going through menopause or men undergoing treatment for prostate cancer. Our groundbreaking clinical trials are making meaningful advances in the field of hot flash research.

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