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Hot Flashes

A hot flash happens when the brain sends a false signal that says you’re too hot. With Embr Wave, you can instantly activate cooling sensations that work with your body's natural response to temperature to counteract this mistaken signal, helping to stop the hot flash in its tracks.

Embr Wave helps you keep your cool, naturally.

Fall Asleep


Hot flashes significantly impair sleep. Clinical research shows that Embr Wave helps women with hot flashes fall asleep and stay asleep.

Fall Asleep mode was designed to relieve the distress of hot flashes and uses gradually slowing waves of cooling to help your body gently relax into slumber. In a clinical study, women with menopausal hot flashes who wore Embr Wave fell asleep faster.

Embr Wave helps you fall asleep faster.


Stress and anxiety are two of the most common symptoms of menopause, and it’s no surprise why. When it feels like your body is out of control; when you can’t sleep at night and are exhausted the next day; when you don’t know when or where that next hot flash will hit—who wouldn’t feel stressed out? 

Embr Wave eases stress by putting you in control of your hot flashes, your sleep, and your body. 


When you’re feeling the inferno of a hot flash (or shivering from a post-flash chill), it can be hard to feel comfortable or stay focused on anything else. Embr Wave gives you the power to cool down or warm up with the press of a button. Participants who used Embr Wave for just three minutes were able to change their perceived temperature by an average of 5°F.

Embr Wave lets you manage your comfort when menopause symptoms try to get in your way.

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