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A personal thermostat,
directly on your wrist.

Embr Wave helps you feel colder or warmer
so you can be more comfortable.

Warm up. Cool down.

Ever wish you could cool down in a hot subway car? Or warm up in the icebox that is your office?
For those times you wished you could control the temperature, Embr Wave has you covered.

Founded at MIT. Backed by Bose Ventures and Intel Capital. Over 600% funded on Kickstarter.

The first of its kind.

Embr Wave is the first wristband that harnesses temperature to improve your overall comfort.

By directly warming or cooling the temperature-sensitive skin on your wrist, it immediately recreates the warmth of your hands by the fireplace in the winter or the chill of an ice cube on your skin in the summer.

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Take control of the

Embr Wave finally gives you control of the
temperature you want to feel, immediately and at the
press of a button.

The most personalized
thermal relief ever



Direct contact with the skin provides immediate, precise, & energy-efficient conductive heating & cooling.



Dynamic temperature profiles designed around how our skin feels & adapts to temperature.



Tailored thermal sensations to address your individual variability, changes in the environment, & thermal needs.

“I can’t control the thermostat in my office, but Embr Wave helps me stay comfortable & productive—no matter what.”


Try it out – no risk

Every Embr Wave comes with our comprehensive return policy. If
you try Embr Wave and don’t like it, just send it back within the
first 30 days for a full refund.