The technology behind
Embr Wave.

The technology behind
Embr Wave.

Embr Wave Bracelet

Control how
you feel.

Designed from the ground up to unlock the power of personalized thermal sensations, Embr Wave precisely cools or warms the temperature-sensitive skin on your wrist to help you feel 5 degrees cooler or 5 degrees warmer in minutes.

Patented Thermal Waveforms

Engineered For You.

The thermoreceptors on your wrist significantly impact your feeling of temperature. So Embr Wave’s scientifically-developed waveforms precisely stimulate your thermoreceptors, leveraging your body’s natural systems to make you feel cooler or warmer by 5 degrees in just a few minutes.

Dynamic sensations


Energy efficient

Physiological Principles

Hacks the way you feel.

Embr Wave’s technology is based on a breakthrough physiological insight. It turns out that warming or cooling specific parts of your body can make you feel more comfortable without changing your core body temperature. That’s because thermoreceptor stimulation triggers the specific regions of the brain that control thermoregulation and pleasure.





Adjustable Temperature.

Your body is constantly evolving and, in turn, so is your thermal sweet spot. That’s why Embr Wave’s gives you precise control. Just press the Light Bar (blue side for cooling, red side for warming) and you’ll immediately feel a thermal sensation on your wrist. This stimulates a feedback loop through your nervous system that tells you immediately how pleasant the sensation is, allowing you to find a temperature that feels perfect for you.




Cutting-edge tech on your wrist

NASA-Grade Hardware.

Embr Wave leverages innovations in power consumption and thermal dissipation to pack effective cooling and heating into a device designed for any wrist size. It utilizes a NASA-Grade thermoelectric to generate precise thermal sensations, multiple temperature sensors to enable real-time temperature monitoring of your skin and the environment, and a high-powered lithium battery.

Solid-state Thermoelectric

Temperature Sensors

Lithium Battery

Embr Wave App

Evolve Your Experience.

Pair the Embr Wave bracelet with the Embr Wave Mobile app for continuous product improvements via firmware updates, enhanced temperature control, and usage tracking.

Continuously improving

New features every month.

Our interactive firmware means your Embr Wave continues to evolve over time as we push our research and innovation to more advanced territory. Monthly product improvements are made available for download via the mobile app.

Enhanced Cooling

Extended Mode

Continuous Innovation

Real-time prescision

Mobile Control.

Use the app’s Mobile Control feature to control your Embr Wave bracelet in real-time with more precision. The Temperature Dial allows you to easily dial up or dial down the temperature waves.

Temperature Dial

Quick or Extended

Night Mode

Improve your thermal wellness

Thermal Tracking.

Track your cooling and warming usage to discover patterns that can help you live more comfortably.

Track cooling

Track warming

Temperature tips