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Not for people that have Fibromyalgia skin sensitivity to temperature.

So Happy!! Helps me so much 😃

Embr Wave Comfort Case - Rose

Love it works :)

Dusty Rose Comfort Band

All I received was a band. There's no cooling or heating part. Just a rose gold band.

So far, this has been amazing!

It works as described, however, I am not sure it will help my specific needs. It definitely takes time to accustom to the sensations. It does provide a cooling and heat effect. The size is a tad bulky for the wrist area as I’m not acclimated to wearing a piece on the inner wrist instead the top where a watch usually sits.
A thinner option would have won a 5 star review from me. Works…. Just not for me.

At first, this product was really helpful for grounding via cold and fighting panic attacks. However, after about 10 minutes on the cold setting, the watch overheats. It still gets cold, but when the cold wave is descending, the watch is violently hot. I can't use it more than 10 minutes. Good product in theory.

Embr Wave 2

I've only had my Ember Wave for 4 days and I'm obsessed with it!!! I have a herniated C6 disc that has calcified and causes cervical instability. This causes my body to be unable to regulate its temperature properly...I'm always overheated! In just 4 days the Ember Wave 2 has DRASTICALLY reduced my hot flash duration. They'd usually go on for over an hour or until I get so hot I vomit. While wearing this bracelet the flash is reduced to about 20/30 minutes and no nausea!

I love that I can turn the cooling on as much as I need it!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT!!! I'm 31 and not in menopause yet, but I have explained my hot flashes to many women and they say it's what menopause induced hot flashes feel like. Either way, after 4 days I've noticed the difference!!!! So happy I went for it!

Wave 2 Warranty Replacement Rose Gold

I would call myself a founding consumer of the Embr Wave I had the first design. They have always gone above and beyond to resolve any issues I may have had. And I have had very few issues. It's a high quality product that makes my life better!

Wonderful! Great company.

Teal Comfort Band

I had the original. It was better. This one is too obtrusive and awkward to use.

For everybody, this product helps so much with those of us who can't regulate their body temperatures. I love how it has sessions now so it works all night well I'm sleeping. I've bought 4 for gifts and everything.

Embr Wave 2

Never purchase from them they are recycled & Used again so they don’t work after a few times they need recharging to often & they are soiled with damage on the bands & unit! A poor poor company purchase & customer service is horrible. Don’t waste your money!!

Love the color

It works. It has helped me with my hot flashes.

Embr Wave 2

It did not work for me.

Embr Wave 2
battlekale_ (Holly Springs, US)
fantastic for POTS!

i’ve never experienced genuine comfort before when it comes to temperature. since getting my embrwave, though, i feel like a whole new person and i’m finally comfortable all the time

Black Comfort Band

I never received it. I emailed the company because I didn't notice that I didn't change my address from an old address to the new one when I ordered it. I was hoping it could be changed since i had just placed the order, and it had not shipped yet. According to the email I got back, I would have to go to the old address, which i don't have access to and haven't had in over a year, and that nothing could be done. I ended up just going to Amazon and getting one there.

Embr Wave 2
Jennifer A. (Maryland Heights, US)
Great device

This has been a lifesaver between sleep issues due to night sweats and random hot flashes throughout the day. I fly a lot for work & it is great when a hot flash occurs on a plane.

Only gave it four stars because the charging device is touchy.

Embr Wave 2
Melissa B. (Charlotte, US)
Doesn’t stop my night sweats

It works for a little while but once I’m in a deep sleep, it doesn’t work anymore for my night sweats

Embr Wave 2
Bryan S. (Hickory, US)
Life changing

I bought for a friend who always felt cold. Changed her life with on demand comfort

Embr Wave Comfort Case - Rose

Seems ok. Gets dirty easily.

The comfort and effectiveness are not as good as the original embr that I have. I'm wearing the older one more often.

Embr Wave Comfort Case - Slate

More difficult to put on

Black Comfort Band

It’s ok but I prefer the magnetic one

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