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Woman wearing the rose gold Embr Wave 2 on her right wrist while she sleeps.

Everything we do at Embr Labs is centered around an appreciation for our customers and the desire to offer the best holistic solution to improve lives. We’ve spent the last 3.5 years listening to you and have incorporated everything we’ve learned into our next-generation device: Wave 2. 

The opinions and needs of our customers—who we call Wavers— have always guided us when deciding where to go next. When customers told us that the Wave was a “life-saver” in the face of a debilitating hot flash, our team created Hot Flash Mode, which provides an immediate burst of cooling designed specifically for the onset of a hot flash. When our Wavers mentioned that they wanted a thermal session that lasted throughout the night, we created All Night Mode to deliver gentle temperature sensations through an entire night of sleep.  

We also heard that the device should be smaller and more discreet. So, we started from the ground up and built a beautiful new round design that is elegant as well as comfortable. Customers told us they wanted even stronger cooling sessions (but not at the expense of battery life), so our team of engineers went back to the lab and optimized the technology to make it possible to have both more powerful cooling AND longer battery life. From the good to the bad, all of the feedback we received helped us build a better Wave. 

We created Wave 2 to be lighter, sleeker, and more powerful. Here are more details on the biggest improvements to the Wave:


1. Sleek but Strong


Person holding iPad while wearing the rose gold Embr Wave 2 on their left wrist.

We started with basics — how could we make the Wave 2 more comfortable and also more stylish? Working with our design team, Loft, we landed on a new, disc-like form factor. The round shape is compact, minimalistic, and wrapped in a more ergonomic package. We also adjusted the color options. Many customers told us that they preferred a matte black choice for a clean, professional look. And of course, we kept the rose gold based on our customers’ love for this particular look.


2. Putting You in Control


Woman adjusting the rose gold Embr Wave 2 on her left wrist at her desk.

We made controlling the Wave more discreet than ever. We replaced the original Wave’s light bar with two small buttons on the side of the disc with smaller lights. This move allows for easy, more private control of the Wave 2 when you don’t want to use the app. We also replaced the original micro-USB charging port with an elegant magnetic disc-shaped charger that makes powering up your Wave a breeze. 


3. Cool and In Control


Woman using her smartphone in bed while wearing the Embr Wave bracelet.

Improving the intensity of the thermal sensations was at the top of the list for our customers. While many users found the original Wave’s cooling to be highly effective at combating hot flashes, others were looking for a little more oomph. Our engineers and designers created thermal waveforms that are 30% more powerful than the original Wave—without sacrificing battery life and cooling sensation. Wave 2 is more efficient, with longer battery life, so you can keep cool for even longer. The companion app has also been redesigned to make finding, creating, and accessing  your favorite thermal sensations easier. Reimagined tracking and usage features provide more helpful insights into your personal thermal wellness journey.


Without our passionate community of Wavers, none of these improvements would have been possible. We always want to be innovating to meet the needs of our customers: 

We did it for Kevin, who lives with MS and uses the Wave for an extra level of warmth. We did it for Gilda, a successful executive who regained her confidence by slaying the hot flashes that had disrupted her workday. We did it for Aly and Emma, two sisters who found the power of warmth as a way to connect even while apart. 

In every way, Wave 2 is a thank you: a thank you for being amazing advocates of our mission, sharing our story with your friends and family, engaging with us, and giving us your thoughts. We hope that Wave 2 is everything you asked for and more — and if it’s not, we’ll be listening to you on that, too.

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