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The SOMÉ Story

Whether they were suffering from hot flashes during menopause, overheating related to chronic conditions, or just folks who run hot, one message kept coming through loud and clear: being too hot at night can destroy your sleep and leave you feeling like a wreck the next day.

Since the earliest days of Embr Wave (before it was even called Embr Wave!), we’ve heard countless stories from people struggling with temperature-related issues. Whether they were suffering from hot flashes during menopause, overheating related to chronic conditions, or just folks who run hot, one message kept coming through loud and clear: being too hot at night can destroy your sleep and leave you feeling like a wreck the next day.

In the fight against hot flashes and night sweats, you can never have too many allies. That’s why we’re excited to introduce our partnership with SOMÉ, a global wellness brand that makes high performance sleepwear and sheets designed specifically with night sweats in mind.

The SOMÉ Story: Technology Wrapped in Luxury and Wellness

SOMÉ started out as a sleepwear line called Lusomé, which was inspired by a personal connection. Founder and CEO Lara Smith saw her younger sister suffer through years of night sweats after being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012 and wanted to find a way to help her and others like her feel more comfortable and get a better night’s sleep. 


With 20 years of experience in the fashion industry under her belt, she set out to create a product that would outperform other cooling or moisture-wicking sleepwear on the market while still feeling luxurious and beautiful, with shapes that would flatter a variety of body types. The result was an award-winning line of pajamas and loungewear inspired by French design and offering many styles in sizes XS-3X. After nearly a decade in the market, Lusomé continues to top Best Of lists—it was recently named 2023’s Overall Best Cooling Pajama Brand by the Good Housekeeping Institute, and CNET called their Gabriela Nightiehands down the best pajama for moisture control if you experience night sweats.”

Advanced Textiles for the 21st Century

The pajamas use a propriety fabric called Xirotex, which was developed to be moisture-wicking and odor resistant. As Smith explains, the existing fabrics just weren’t cutting it when it comes to night sweats: “There’s a misconception that cotton is the best fabric to sleep in if you’re sweating or getting hot. But what happens is as soon as moisture hits the back side of the fabric, it doesn't go anywhere, and the fabric actually acts as a barrier and the moisture is trapped.” Polyester is able to wick moisture away but then the material stays wet, leading to bacteria and odor.  

After two years of working closely with a textile mill, Smith and her team developed Xirotex, a unique fabric blend that is engineered to pull moisture away from the skin quickly and push it to the outer layer of the fabric where it can disperse and evaporate within seconds, leaving the inner layer (and your skin!) cool, dry, and comfortable. In other words, no more sweating through your PJs and having to get out of bed to change clothes in the middle of the night!

Better Sleep through Science

Stacks of white sheets

This year, the company expanded into bedding with their new SOMÉ Continuous Cooling Performance Sheets, making Xirotex technology available to an even wider audience. The sheets are designed to feel cool to the touch and regulate your comfort throughout the night with what SOMÉ calls “continuous dynamic cooling.” The fabric pulls heat away from your body as you sleep to help prevent sweating and then releases it when your body cools down.

Good Housekeeping’s Textile Lab, which evaluates products using a combination of lab experts, rigorous trials, and over 500 consumer testers, named SOMÉ’s sheets their Best In Class “Sweat Stopper” for 2023. Users reported that the Continuous Cooling Performance Sheets felt cooler than other brands and kept them from waking up with sweat-soaked bedding.

Embr Wave + SOMÉ: Better together

Embr Wave has been clinically proven to help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer, with multiple personalizable waveforms designed specifically to support better sleep. Now you can super-charge your nighttime comfort with SOMÉ’s innovative 21st-century bedding and sleepwear. 

Just picture this: You settle into bed, letting the gently slowing waves of your favorite Fall Asleep cooling session encourage your body to relax into sleep. As you drift off, your SOMÉ performance sheets keep working to keep you feeling just right. If you do get hit with a hot flash in the middle of the night? Your Lusomé pajamas make sure any sweat is pulled away from your body within seconds. All you have to do is press a button on your Wave to kickstart your cooling and get back to sleep fast—no more waking up drenched and having to change clothes in the middle of the night.

Whether you want to deck out your bed with the SOMÉ Continuous Cooling Performance Sheets or slip into an ultra soft Lusomé nightgown, these high-tech textiles make the perfect companion to your Embr Wave sleep routine. So what are you waiting for? Don’t let night sweats ruin your days. Try Embr Wave and SOMÉ today and find out just how good your sleep can be.

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