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Take control of heat flashes

When you're experiencing heat flashes, it's not just the symptoms that bother you, it's also the uncertainty of not knowing when the next episode will come. For professional women, heat flashes (or hot flashes) can make navigating work responsibilities incredibly stressful. After all, it's hard to focus on your job when you're sweating profusely and you feel like someone has cranked the thermostat to 100°F.

Most of the common medical or natural remedies for hot flashes are of little help in these moments. Hormone replacement therapy and prescription drugs come with many side effects. Herbal supplements, yoga, acupuncture, and changes to your diet can't deliver instant relief when you're in the middle of an episode. Hot flash relief products like ice packs, gels, and cooling sprays can offer some immediate help, but are impractical in professional situations. You can't lead a meeting or close a deal with an ice pack pressed to your forehead or a cooling towel wrapped around your neck.

When you want relief from heat flashes that's immediate, safe, and discreet, consider the Embr Wave® from Embr Labs. This sleek, stylish wearable device is a portable cooling system that goes with you anywhere and delivers instant relief from hot flashes and stress—without anyone seeing or knowing.

Embr Wave: cool comfort for heat flashes

The Embr Wave is a smart device worn on your inner wrist that imparts a series of warm or cool sensations to deliver thermal relief for heat flashes and other temperature-related conditions. Unlike other cooling bands that rely on refrigeration, the Wave is actually a thermoelectric heat pump that safely and precisely warms or cools your skin to deliver greater thermal comfort.

The Wave generates a series of cool or warm sensations that last from 5 minutes to 9 hours at a time. These thermal experiences stimulate a natural brain pathway that changes how you perceive temperature, dissipating the effects of heat flashes and helping you feel more comfortable.

Thermal relief throughout the day
In addition to managing heat flashes, Embr Wave can help you get a better night's rest by lulling you to sleep faster and helping you stay asleep throughout the night. During the day, you can access warming or cooling temperature sensations on demand for greater comfort, no matter who is in charge of the thermostat. And in the same way a warm bath or cool compress can help relieve stress, the Wave's precise thermal experiences can bring instant relief when the tensions of the day begin to mount.

Managing heat flashes with the Wave

Heat flashes can be caused by a variety of conditions and diseases, including hyperthyroidism, anxiety, infections, diet, and treatments for certain types of cancer. However, heat flashes are most common during menopause and the years leading up to it (perimenopause). At this time in a woman's life, levels of hormones in the body vary widely, and it's believed that these changes can send a false signal to the brain to cool the body down fast. The brain engineers a heat flash to expel heat quickly by dilating the blood vessels beneath the skin, sending the sweat glands into overdrive, and causing the heart to race.

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One of the biggest stressors for women experiencing heat flashes is never knowing when they're going to happen next. In these moments, traditional hot flash remedies are of no use—most therapies are focused on reducing the frequency and severity of hot flashes, not delivering cool relief in the middle of an episode.

That's why Embr Wave is so effective. It can instantly help you feel cooler and more in control of your thermal experience, soothing the stress you feel when a hot flash is on its way. When you sense that a hot flash is about to start, you can simply press a button on the Wave or tap the app to start a cooling session that's convenient, accessible, and personalized for you.

The science behind thermal wellness

How can a bit of coolness on your wrist dissipate the effects of powerful heat flashes? Studies show that a concentrated thermal sensation in one part of your body can change the way you perceive temperature overall. It's the same as how just dipping your toes in a cold lake can help your whole body feel cooler. Or how warming your hands with a cup of coffee can bring general warmth and comfort on a cold day. The Wave builds on this natural response mechanism, generating precise and repeatable thermal sensations on the temperature-sensitive skin of your wrist to help rebalance your perception of temperature.

These feelings of warmth or coolness on your wrist send a comforting signal to the part of your brain that deals with stress, pleasure, emotion, and thermoregulation. The Wave isn't actually changing your body temperature—that stays around 98.6°F, even when you're experiencing the most severe hot flashes. Instead, the Wave changes your experience of temperature, helping you feel cooler and calmer and delivering rapid relief from heat flashes.

Why manage heat flashes with the Wave?

A natural remedy for heat flashes
The Wave activates your body's natural ability to recalibrate your sense of temperature in response to local thermal sensations. It's a noninvasive and discreet option for on-demand relief from heat flashes.

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An FSA-eligible purchase
Embr Wave is considered an approved expense in many Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs). To find out if the Wave is eligible under your plan, contact your employer or FSA administrator.

Optional financing with Affirm
To make your purchase of the Wave work with your budget, you may be able to finance it with Affirm and spread payments out over 3 to 12 months or more.

Free shipping in the U.S.
Embr Wave ships free to any address within the United States.

Effortless free returns
If you're not satisfied with the thermal relief provided by the Wave, you may return it within 30 days for a full refund.


What are heat flashes?

Heat flashes, or hot flashes, are sudden and intense feelings of heat that can cause heavy sweating, a rapid heart rate, and redness in the face, neck, and chest. Heat flashes typically last 30 seconds to 5 minutes and can happen at any time of the day or during the night, when they're known as night sweats. While heat flashes can be caused by many conditions or diseases, they are most often associated with the years around menopause. Many women have hot flashes for months, years, or even decades, as experiencing hot flashes after menopause is not uncommon.

How does the Wave help manage heat flashes?

Embr Wave provides a safe, natural, and unobtrusive way to find comfort for hot flashes. The Wave is a stylish wristband with a compact thermoelectric heat pump that generates precise patterns of cool sensation on the temperature-sensitive skin of the inner wrist. This thermal experience communicates a feel-good message to the brain that helps the body rebalance its sense of temperature, bringing immediate relief for heat flashes.

Does the Wave change the body's core temperature?

No. Even during the most intense heat flashes, the body's core temperature remains around 98.6°F. The intense heat felt during a hot flash is the result of a false signal sent to the brain suggesting the body needs to cool down fast, causing the body to expel heat quickly. The thermal sensations generated by the Wave counter this false signal by sending feel-good messages that help to relieve the uncomfortable effects of hot flashes.

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