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The Power of Temperature

Temperature is personal

Problems with your comfort, hot flashes, sleep, and stress have a common source: your brain. It turns out that when you apply temperature sensations to your skin, you send a thermal signal to the area of your brain that’s associated with thermoregulation, sensation, pleasure, stress & emotion. And so you can solve these problems. That’s what we call Thermal Wellness.

The Science

Embr Wave uses advances in thermal science for natural relief. Small changes in temperature can have a big impact on how you feel.

Think of how dipping your feet in cold water can make your whole body feel cool, calm, and refreshed. Or how holding a hot mug of cocoa in your hands can warm you from head to toe. Embr Wave works naturally with your body so that a little bit of temperature makes a big difference in how you feel.

Temperature Sensations

The inside of your wrist contains a high density of temperature-sensitive nerves, which we call thermoreceptors. That’s why it’s good place for the Wave to cool or warm, affecting your whole body sensation.


By delivering temperature changes to your wrist over time, the Wave harnesses your innate human response to temperature, sending a comfort signal through the interoceptive pathway to your brain.

Thermal sensations are processed differently than other modes of ‘touch’, providing a unique hardwired pathway to the brain to change how you feel.

Whole Body Effect

Because the comfort signal travels to the area of your brain associated with sensation, pleasure, thermoregulation, stress, and emotion, you experience a whole-body emotional and physical response instantly and over time.

Our Patented Sensations

Recall that moment you eased yourself into a hot bath or took that first few step into a cold ocean ––– the most intense feeling is right at the beginning, right? That’s why we’ve developed our patented thermal sensations, which we call Waveforms, that enable the Wave to precisely deliver that most powerful moment of temperature change over and over again for up to 9 hours at a time.

Embr Wave can help with...

Falling asleep and feeling more rested
28% reduction in how long it took to fall asleep
Improved ability to get back to sleep after a hot flash
Overall increase in nighttime sleep & less daytime sleepiness

Get back to sleep faster. In a study with Johnson & Johnson Innovation, participants saw a 21% improvement in all key scientific measures of insomnia severity.

Let the stress melt away

Take the edge off hot and stressful moments with cooling Take the edge off hot and stressful moments with cooling sensations that calm the body and mind. that calm the body and mind.

168% Improvement

In a study with Johnson & Johnson Innovation, women saw a 168% improvement in control over hot flashes. Plus, Wavers report that the Wave significantly reduces hot flashes' impact on quality of life within just four weeks.

Real Results

Anyone who has experienced hot flashes knows what a nightmare they can be. This technology has literally been a godsend. Thank you to the folks at Embr Wave. Finally something that works.

Leandra G.

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