Finally, YOU’RE  in Control of Temperature.

Cool or Warm, Naturally.

Cool or Warm

Gain Control of Your Comfort

The first wearable temperature device that intelligently cools and warms. Activate your thermal senses to change how you feel temperature through the use of precise cooling and warming sensations.

Your Personal Thermostat

Typical environments can leave many of us feeling uncomfortable. Make your temperature personal.

Embr Wave Black Comfort Band

relief at the touch of a button

Own Your Temperature

- Instant cooling or warming at the touch of a button
- Cool down from stress
- Sleep at your own temperature
- Discreet relief in a sleek design

Customer Reviews

Embr Wave® patented technology delivers precisely engineered cooling or warming Thermal Waves™ at the touch of a button, for instant, discreet relief on demand. Clinically shown to be a safe and effective solution for managing hot flashes, cold flashes, night sweats, and disrupted sleep.

How It Works

A cold or warm feeling on a specific part of your body can have a holistic effect. By stimulating the nerves that sense temperature, the Wave Bracelet can change how hot or cold you feel.

3X Bundle - Embr Labs

Step 1

Get Ready

Once you receive your Embr Wave download the Embr Wave app, set up your profile and connect your Wave via your phone's bluetooth.

5X Bundle - Embr Labs

Step 2

Press the Button

Activate instant cooling with the simple press of a button, for hot flash relief right when you need it. Use the mobile app for even more options.

Step 3

Feel the Relief

Let Embr Wave work with your body’s natural ability to use temperature to bring immediate hot flash relief. Get back to life on your terms again.


Over 100,000 Happy Customers

Smiling woman wearing the rose gold Embr Wave 2 bracelet.

Coretta S.

"You press one button to cool you and another to give you warmth, as needed. This is a game-changer."

"It’s hard to explain how your body just... melts."

Hear how Kristin uses her Embr Wave to fight hot flashes, night sweats, and anxiety.

Woman in purple shirt and silver necklace.
Embr Wave Black

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Holistic Hot Flash Relief