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Denedriane (Dee) Dean is a blogger, mom, and lover of all things science. Dee believes that the world is so much bigger than her backyard, and she loves to give her readers a taste of what she has experienced in her travels in the USA and abroad. You can find her writing at


I’ve never liked feeling hot, ever. Not even as a child.

That is why the beach is not my thing, why I love spring and fall and even winter over summer, and why my thermostat keeps things cool in the house, regardless of the season. 

And it is why when menopause entered my life, and constant hot flashes began, I felt QUITE out of sorts.

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Before I went through menopause, I would chuckle when I heard from older women in my life telling their tales of “personal summers.” They would often express the experience in such dramatic fashion (all the while fanning themselves), and I couldn’t help but to laugh. I can vividly remember my bank manager telling me that she would wake up in the night in a sweat, and her relief was to go lay on the tile floor in her bathroom! 

But then it happened in my life—my body entered menopause—and it wasn’t quite so humorous anymore. Yes, I did my best to keep a lighthearted point of view and to laugh it off. However, I realized that I and many other women at this stage in life were really going through a MAJOR life change. I also realized that I needed two things: relief and peace of mind. And that is when I found Embr Wave.


Yep, hot flashes are at the very least annoying, and at the most, a bit debilitating. They occur at the most random and inopportune moments, such as when I am right in the middle of meeting someone new (with a mask on no less, keeping in all the heat). Or when I am leading the worship team on a Sunday morning at our church… wowza. In those types of moments, I need something that can give me relief quickly without screaming that I am going through something obvious like “the change.”

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My very fashionable Embr Wave 2 is very discreet. It looks like a fitness watch that everyone else wears anyway, so it doesn’t stand out. It is simple to use, having just a couple of buttons. And if I want, I can adjust it from my phone (through the app) which is usually handy. The sensation of the Wave is akin to menthol on the wrist. It is amazing to me how that cooling on the inside of my wrist helps to carry that cool feeling all over my body.

Incidentally, I let a couple of friends try my Embr Wave for just a few moments one Sunday, and they were quite impressed with the cooling effect. So much so that each of them recommended it to a family member right away!

Peace of mind

This small device gives me BIG peace of mind. Before Embr Wave, I wasn’t sure what route I needed to take to alleviate my hot flashes. I knew that estrogen therapy wasn’t for me, but I really wasn’t sure what else was out there. I don’t gravitate towards taking pills, so that was out as well. So, when I came across the Embr site, the device grabbed my attention immediately.

After using it for a couple of months, I knew I’d found my source of relief. For one, I could manage the hot flashes at home, especially at night. The Wave 2 is easy to wear, fits snugly to my tiny wrist, and stays in place all night. 

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It’s also easy to pack and take with me on trips! So even in a hotel room that I am sharing with my hubby (who tends to get cold quicker than I do), I can be assured that I have effective relief at my fingertips. It truly lessened the anxiety of thinking, “What am I going to do when this hot flash strikes, and I am not at home?” Now, I have no worries, and I just need a simple outlet to let it charge!

I realize that menopause IS a natural part of a woman’s life, and there is no way around this season. I am cool with that (no pun intended). However, I’m comforted in knowing that I don’t have to SUFFER while my body changes. Embr Wave has come through for me in a fashionable, discreet, non-invasive, and effective way. I’m not quite out of sorts now, I feel more normal, and I continue to enjoy my life, even between hot flashes. Embr Wave for the win!


Ready to try the Wave 2 for yourself? Buy it now with our 30-day satisfaction guarantee!

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