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Night sweats

How to find relief from night sweats

Night sweats are the worst. You're resting soundly, trying to get a good night's sleep, when suddenly you're jolted awake by an intense burst of heat on your skin and uncontrollable sweat that leaves your bedclothes drenched.

While lots of conditions can cause night sweats, the hormonal changes during menopause and the years leading up to it are the most common culprits. These episodes may only last a few minutes, but they can make it tough to get to sleep again, leaving you fatigued and frustrated the following day.

It's not easy to find relief from night sweats or from hot flashes, their daytime counterpart. Because these incidents can last for years or even decades, many women turn to medical treatments like hormone replacement therapy or prescription drugs. However, the side effects of these options can be severe. Others pursue natural remedies like lifestyle changes, herbal supplements, yoga, or acupuncture. These may help lessen the severity of night sweats, but they can't deliver relief when you're suffering in the middle of the night.

That's where the Embr Wave® from Embr Labs can help. The Wave is a scientific and natural solution—a personal cooling system that brings safe and instant relief from night sweats.

Embr Wave: cool relief for hot flashes and night sweats

The Embr Wave is only about the size of a smartwatch, but it has the power to bring thermal comfort to your entire body. It's worn on the inner part of your wrist, where the skin is especially sensitive to temperature changes. Using a compact thermoelectric heat pump, this smart device generates a series of pleasing warm or cool sensations felt on the skin, stimulating your body's natural ability to recalibrate its sense of temperature.

How cooling on your wrist brings relief to your body
The Wave taps into a physical phenomenon that human beings know well—how a change in temperature on a small area of skin can bring a sense of comfort to the rest of the body. Think of how wrapping your hands around a warm cup of coffee on a cold day can instantly help you feel more comfortable overall. Or how a cold compress on your forehead can bring a sense of cool relief to your entire body.

These localized thermal sensations send a feel-good message to the part of your brain that deals with emotion, pleasure, stress—and thermoregulation. In turn, the brain rebalances the way you perceive temperature to increase your level of comfort.

Why do night sweats occur?

Night sweats and hot flashes during menopause are thought to be caused by a false signal sent to the part of the brain that regulates body temperature. The wild hormonal rollercoaster ride of menopause can trick your internal thermostat into thinking your body is too hot, triggering actions to cool it. The blood vessels beneath the skin dilate to let off heat, resulting in that sudden burst of warmth and redness in your face, neck, and chest. Your sweat glands spring into action, causing you to perspire heavily as your body tries to cool down. An episode of night sweats can rudely rouse you from a deep slumber and make it hard to get back to sleep again. When they happen repeatedly, it can leave you with a constant brain fog, making it hard to focus on responsibilities at work and home.

Take control of night sweats with Embr Wave

The Embr Wave is a low-power, completely silent wearable that safely applies precise thermal sensations to your skin in pulses known as Waveforms. These warming and cooling sensations are engineered to deliver optimal comfort and to address hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, and other conditions.

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How to stop hot flashes at night
The Wave offers several ways to deal with the effects of night sweats. You can use the cooling sensations of the Wave to help you fall asleep more easily, and the device can deliver cooling Waveforms for up to 9 hours to help you stay asleep throughout the night. If you're wakened by an episode of hot flashes at night or feel one coming on, you can activate a cooling session that will help to dissipate the night sweats and leave you feeling more comfortable.

You can easily control the Wave with the buttons on the device, but connecting it to the Embr Wave 2 app on your smartphone will unlock more power, personalization, and precision. The app gives you access to a library of thermal sessions designed to deliver greater comfort, ease stress, aid sleep, and relieve hot flashes. You can customize, save, and rename sessions, choosing session lengths that range from 5 minutes to 9 hours. The app also allows you to download improvements and updates for your Wave device.

Better sleep. More comfort. Less stress.

Along with help for night sweats, Embr Wave offers thermal relief and comfort in all areas of your life.

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Sounder sleep
Whether you sleep cold or hot, the Wave can help to reduce insomnia and minimize sleep disturbances. Research has shown that the thermal comfort the Wave provides is an effective, nonpharmacological way to fall asleep faster and rest more easily throughout the night, putting an end to sleeping hot.

Thermal comfort
Wherever you go, the Wave puts soothing warmth or cool relief at your fingertips—no matter who is in control of thermostat. With the press of a button or a tap in the app, Embr Wave gives you the power to rebalance your perception of temperature and start feeling better in seconds. In fact, a study with UC Berkeley showed that people who used the Wave for just three minutes felt an average of 5°F warmer or cooler, and that the Wave helped women adjust their sense of temperature by up to 9°F.

Stress relief
The pulses of warm or cool sensations generated by the Wave can help reduce stress and anxiety, just as a cold compress or a hot bath can help to calm you down and relieve tension. When you're feeling stressed, precise Waveforms of thermal comfort rebalance your body and help you feel calmer and more collected.


What are night sweats?

Night sweats are hot flashes that happen during sleep. While they can be caused by other diseases and conditions, night sweats in women are usually associated with menopause. These hot flashes at night

occur when the thermoregulation center in your brain mistakenly believes your body needs to cool down quickly. The body activates the sweat glands and widens the blood vessels near the skin to expel heat as fast as possible. The result is a drenching sweat, a burst of heat felt on the skin, and redness across the face, neck, and chest.

How can the Wave bring relief from night sweats?

Embr Wave is a wristband that delivers precise waves of cool sensations to the inner wrist where the skin is highly sensitive to temperature. These sensations send a feel-good message to the brain that helps rebalance your body's perception of temperature. Research shows that this kind of stimulation before or during an episode of night sweats can reduce the intensity or duration.

Does the Wave activate automatically when night sweats are occurring?

Embr Wave doesn't detect night sweats, but rather gives you several options for relief. Fall Asleep cooling can help you drift off to sleep more quickly, while the All Night sessions can help keep you comfortable for up to 9 hours. You can also activate the Wave with a press of a button or a tap in the app for instant comfort when you feel night sweats coming on.

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