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 With tens of thousands of Embr Wave bracelets now out in the world, we wanted to highlight the ways that Thermal Wellness can be embraced by sharing the stories of our most passionate Wavers. This is Heather's story.

Woman wearing the silver Embr Wave 1 does peace signs at an indoor concert.

Throughout her life, Heather O. always ran cold. The thermostat never felt like it was at the right temperature. At times when other people were able to sit around comfortably, Heather was consumed by feeling too chilly.

In college, that chill extended to her hands. She was later diagnosed with Raynaud’s Disease, which causes the blood vessels in the fingers or toes to narrow in the cold and cut off circulation.

Her hands would get cold, and sometimes turn totally white, even at the smallest temperature change.

Her coldness and the Raynaud’s went beyond just the feelings of physical discomfort. Heather felt anxiety whenever she knew she would be out of control of the temperature.

Daily activities, like going out with friends or trips to the frozen food section of the grocery store were accompanied by the stress and worry that her Raynaud’s would kick in, and she’d be feeling uncomfortable. 

“It felt like it was taking up all of my brain space,” said Heather, “that constant anxiety of maybe feeling too cold.”

Heather wanted to do something about this issue that she and many others dealt with, so she set out to find a solution. 

Having recently sold the company she had created and run for the last decade, she used her business acumen to develop a product that would help people take control of their temperature. 

She fleshed out the product and spoke to investors about her idea. Despite their enthusiasm, and Heather’s own desire to have a product that would help her manage her temperature issues, she eventually realized that it just wasn’t the time for her to start another company.

She put the idea on the back burner, and continued to struggle with her temperature. 

Woman wearing the silver Embr Wave 1 poses with two women on nightclub couch. 

A little while later, a friend of Heather’s sent her an ad for Embr Wave, thinking that it served the same purpose as the product Heather had previously envisioned. When Heather saw the Wave, she was immediately intrigued and excited.

About to depart for a business trip in Las Vegas, she had the Wave shipped overnight to a friend in Chicago where she would be waiting during a layover.

“I have been going to Vegas for business for years,” Heather explained. “The whole place has air-conditioning blasting all of the time, and it’s always been an issue for me.”

She felt that this trip would be a great way to see if the Wave actually worked and if she would find a solution to a problem that has been plaguing her for her entire life. 

Heather was able to get the Wave for Vegas, and it’s been with her on every trip since. “I don’t leave the house without it.” 

For Heather, like a lot of Wavers, it took her a little bit of time to adjust and understand what the Wave was really about.

“I had to switch gears in my head a little bit,” said Heather. “It wasn’t like I was going to put it on and suddenly feel like I have a heavy coat on.” 

However, the Wave seemed to do exactly what it needed to for her. The edge was taken off of the cold, and she found that her Raynaud’s was far more under control than it had been. 

But for Heather, the best part wasn’t just in the way that she felt physically.

She felt that the Wave improved her emotional wellbeing by giving her a sense of control about the temperature. 

 Woman wearing the silver Embr Wave 1 poses with three men at outdoor concert.

Instead of worrying about what the temperature might be like when she got there, Heather was able to go out and feel relaxed, knowing that if her Raynaud’s flared up, or if the thermostat wasn’t set to her liking, that she would be fine. 

Even though it didn’t end up being her own venture, the Embr Wave helped solve a problem for Heather that she had wanted to be solved, for herself and others. 

“Any time you can have control of anything, it’s great,” says Heather. “And with the Wave, I have that with the press of a button.”


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