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Before we launched Wave 2 this spring, we'd sold over 75,000 of the original Wave and had seen more than 115 million minutes of warming and cooling logged in 170+ countries. We still love the original Wave, but we know the Wave 2 is even better… And you don’t have to take our word for it! Check out what customers are saying about the top reasons to get your Wave 2 today.


Reason #1: This is the coolest Wave ever, literally.

Wave 2 rose gold cooling waves

The Wave 2 can reach lower temperatures and create cooler, more powerful sensations than any other wearable on the market. Using either the app or the Wave’s buttons, you can fine-tune your comfort over 9 temperature levels. (Psst: While the numbers look different from the Wave 1 app’s temperature control dial, the full range of cooling is even greater than what Wave 1 could achieve!)


“The extra juice in the cooling mode is FANTASTIC, holy cats! Thank you so much for taking an already amazing product and making it a dream come true!” —Alyssa M.

“The temperature maxes are so much more powerful. The cooling effect you can feel so much better on the 2nd version.” —Emily N.

“The cooling function is MUCH better. It gets colder, and the exothermic heat release on the top of the device seems less noticeable.” —Christie H.

“More responsive and more temperature control!!” —Randy C.

“The cold phase seems to get colder than the first gen as well; really feels like an ice cube on your wrist.” —Rob L.

Reason #2: It’s smaller, lighter, and even more comfortable to wear.

Wave 1 vs. Wave 2 size
We made the new Wave more than 20% lighter with a more compact, ergonomic form factor. (It’s so comfortable, you might even forget you’re wearing it!) And even with a smaller ceramic plate, testers rated the cooling and warming sensations of Wave 2 as more powerful compared to Wave 1.

“I thought I liked the Wave 1, but then I got the Wave 2—and what a game changer! The shape and design are much sleeker. It seems to pack more punch with respect to temperature delivered, too. I am so much more comfortable with my Wave 2.” —Jacqui O.

“I absolutely love my Wave 2, it is so much smaller than the original and it fits perfect. Sometimes I forget I even have it on, it’s like it’s a part of my arm. It’s light and powerful, it gets the job done. Thank you for perfecting this ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️” —Terrie O.

“I love the new design. At work I type, so the smaller design makes it easier.” —Jamee S.

“The size is much better for smaller wrists. I was a bit nervous at the decrease in size of the temperature changing surface on the underside, but it hasn’t altered the effectiveness at all.“ —Christie H.

“Glad the buttons are on the side and that it is smaller. The 2 things I wished the original Wave had. Thank you Embr Wave team!!!” —Toni H.

Reason #3: An award-winning design that can turn heads... or slip under the radar.

Wave 2 iF Design Award 2021 Winner

The Wave 2 is sleek, modern, and minimalist but also stylish and beautiful; you decide whether you want to stay discreet or show it off. And we’re not the only ones who think it’s a stunner: the Wave 2 is a 2021 iF DESIGN AWARD winner for Product Design.


“The device itself is sleek, modern, and discreet. Love the size, shape, and overall feel of this!! Thank you so much for taking an already amazing product and making it a dream come true!” —Alyssa M.

“I had the first generation Embr Wave and loved it, but the new release is even better and I think it’s cuter.” —Chris R.

“Love the new design. It's not bulky and so slick looking that many people think it's a cool watch. Once I tell them what it actually is, I always get asked more details and everyone wants to try it. I always show it off when I can!” —Elizabeth H.

“Embr Wave 2 has a sleek design with buttons you can't easily hit on accident. It looks like a smart watch in design and will accent anything you wear.” —Jennifer B.

“The rose gold looks so beautiful that it feels like jewelry almost. I love this wristband and would recommend it to anyone!” —Christina G.

Reason #4: Better battery life means the Wave 2 is ready when you need it.

Wave 2 by the front doorWe improved the efficiency of thermal sensations with Wave 2, which means you can warm up or cool down even longer on a single charge—all the better for enjoying our updated All Night session options that can be set to run for 7-9 hours.


“I got the Embr Wave v1 when it first got released. It is a wonderful product and did the basics great. I now have the V2 and it’s mind blowing the difference. I use it as much as I can. Battery life is amazing. Favorite mode is the sleep mode.” —Rick M.

“I wear mine overnight. The Wave 2 is comfortable to wear. I get about 2-3 nights on 1 charge.” —Lauren M.

“It is stronger than the original Wave and I find the battery lasts longer. I love the 60 minute cooling option that I can use when I'm feeling warm.” —Stephanie E.

“Battery life is strong and can run for an overnight session. The second gen tech is very impressive and makes you wonder how it will continue to evolve.” —Brian D.


Reason #5: A brand new app, designed just for you.

Wave 2 app and devices

We took your feedback over the years and created a whole new app experience, designed around your needs. Use the app to explore new thermal sensations or customize how the buttons on your Wave function. And this is only the beginning! We are always working on improving and expanding our library of waveforms and adding new features to help you get the most out of your Wave.


“The app is really nice and it provides you a great way to get set up with the heating or cooling program that you want. You can also use it to set the default programs you want to use with the two physical buttons on the device, and that makes things super easy.” —Dale Y.

“I don't use the heat setting so being able to make both buttons cool is great.” —Cassandra W.

“The app is very easy to use. I like the ability to set the time for 60 minutes of cooling.” —Jeanne D.

“I think this is an amazing product. Thank you for creating and trying to make it smarter, can’t wait to use the tracking in the app.” —Michelle F.

BONUS Reason #6 (because we’re so excited): The wait is finally over!

Wave 2 customers

Wave 2 is here and ready to ship in 1-3 business days.

Order now, and experience the Wave 2 for yourself.

“The Embr Wave was great—the Embr Wave 2 is even better!” —Amanda S.

“I absolutely love my 1st Gen Wave. I have been patiently (not) waiting on my Wave 2. Now that it's here I'm in love! The R&D that went into the Wave 2 is obvious. HUGE improvement on the placement on the buttons, much improved shape and thinner width of the band. It is EVERYTHING I was hoping for. Well done.” —Stacey G.

“It is better than the previous Embr Wave in almost every way — size, battery life, effectiveness (gets colder or hotter), and comfort. Thank you for the improvement.” —Steven D.

“I was skeptical about the Wave 2, but this device surpassed the Wave1. The band fits perfectly and for a small wrist the sizing was excellent. The selection of color was a plus.. I wanted something with a feminine feel and appeasing to the eye. GREAT JOB ON THIS.. 👏” —Shawlawn B.

“LOVING IT! I was an early Kickstarter of the original Wave. So I have been SO EXCITED to finally have the Wave 2 as my very own! I'm loving the ease-of-use, the long battery life, the strength of the temperatures, the new smaller size—ALL OF IT.” —Guy R.

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