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Try Embr Wave On For Yourself

In time for the holidays, you can find Embr Wave in b8ta stores across the country. 

We get asked all the time: can I try on Embr Wave before I buy? 

Finally, the answer is yes.

Embr is proud to announce that you can find the Wave in-person at b8ta stores across the country. b8ta stores give consumers the ability to try, buy and discover the latest tech that they can't find anywhere else.

With the same hands-on layout and knowledgable staff as an Apple store, going to a b8ta store will give you the chance to try and learn more about the Wave before purchase.

Embr Wave is available in select b8ta locations in Palo Alto, Santa Monica, Seattle, Austin, San Francisco, Corte Madera, Houston, Scottsdale, Short Hills, and New York City. 

You can find exact locations on the map below:


Not near any b8ta stores? We still have our 30-day return policy. If you order the Wave and it isn't for you, you have 30 days after shipping to return and get your money back. 

We hope you love what you try!