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Suffering from hot flashes? Help is here.

When you're experiencing hot flashes, it can feel like your body is turning on you. Out of nowhere, you feel your skin turn hot and your face turn red. Your heart starts beating rapidly and your clothes are suddenly drenched. It's one thing when you're alone at home, but hot flashes in public or professional settings can leave you stressed and embarrassed.

In the past, finding help for hot flashes has been hit and miss. Some women have turned to prescription drugs or hormone replacement therapy to deal with severe hot flashes, but side effects like drowsiness, headaches, and risk of disease make these approaches less attractive. Lifestyle changes, herbal supplements, yoga, and meditation offer natural remedies that can lessen the severity or frequency of episodes. However, when you're in the middle of a particularly difficult hot flash at work, taking a break for yoga or meditation is just impossible. And none of these options deliver the immediate hot flash help or relief you crave.

That's where the Embr Wave® from Embr Labs can help. The Wave is a wearable device that brings natural, safe, and instant cooling relief with the press of a button, helping to dissipate the nasty effects of hot flashes anytime and anywhere.

Embr Wave: safe, natural help for hot flashes

The Wave is a wristband that houses a compact thermoelectric heat pump within its sleek and stylish exterior. It looks like a smartwatch that's worn on the inside of your wrist, where the skin is highly sensitive to temperature changes. Like a miniature heating or cooling system, the Wave imparts pleasing sensations of warmth or coolness that send a signal to your brain to help rebalance your sense of temperature and deliver instant hot flash help.

How cool sensations on your wrist deliver help for hot flashes
The idea that simply cooling the skin on your wrist can bring comfort to your whole body may sound a bit odd, but Embr Wave actually takes advantage of a physical phenomenon you already understand. Think of how, on a really hot day, splashing a bit of ice water on your face can help you feel cooler all over. Or how holding a hot cup of cocoa in your hands can bring a sense of warmth to your entire body.

These localized thermal sensations change your perception of temperature by sending a comforting signal to the part of your brain that deals with stress, pleasure, emotion, and thermoregulation. By harnessing this natural response mechanism, the Wave delivers hot flash help and thermal relief in precise and repeatable ways that you can access on-demand. Best of all, the Wave is always with you and totally silent, so you can use it anywhere without anyone needing to know you're experiencing a hot flash.

Why do hot flashes happen?

Hot flashes in women are most common around menopause and the years leading up to it. Scientists aren't exactly sure what triggers them, but it's thought that decreased hormones cause the body's internal thermostat to become more sensitive to slight changes in temperature. When the brain gets a mistaken signal that the body is too warm, it triggers a series of events designed to cool the body down fast. Blood vessels beneath the skin dilate quickly, creating flushing and a sudden burst of heat. The sweat glands are activated to cool things down even more. The result is 30 seconds to 5 minutes or more of an intense thermal experience, which can be followed by cold flashes as the body recalibrates.

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Hot flashes can happen anytime of the day and also during sleep, when they're called night sweats. For some women, hot flashes are mild and last just a few months. Others may have intense episodes for years or even decades, since hot flashes after menopause are common, too.

To reduce the frequency or severity of incidents, women are often encouraged to avoid hot flash triggers like alcohol, smoking, stress, or spicy foods. Yoga, acupuncture, meditation, and lifestyle changes are touted as natural forms of hot flash help. For severe episodes, medical professionals may recommend hormone replacement therapy or prescription drugs. But none of these approaches deliver the immediate relief for hot flashes or night sweats that women crave.

That's why the Embr Wave represents such a significant breakthrough. It offers natural and instant hot flash help with no side effects, and it's small and inconspicuous enough that you can use it anywhere—without anyone else knowing what's going on.

How Embr Wave helps

The Wave generates warm or cool sensations in precisely engineered patterns called Waveforms. The thermoelectric module inside the Wave can be set to the temperature that's just right for you, and the experience is as safe as touching a cold glass of water or a warm cup of coffee.

How to get rid of hot flashes—fast
Embr Wave comes with multiple preset sessions designed to provide help for hot flashes, insomnia, stress, and other conditions. When you feel a hot flash about to happen, you can simply press a button and the Wave will immediately begin a cooling session designed to dissipate the effects of a hot flash. You can control the Wave with buttons on the side of the device, or with the Embr Wave 2 app that allows you to personalize your temperature experience by choosing the duration of your sessions, editing and saving your favorites, and even reprogramming the buttons on your Wave for maximum convenience.

More benefits of thermal relief

Along with help for hot flashes, the Wave gives you the ability to apply the therapeutic powers of temperature to many other areas of life.

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Sounder sleep
The warming and cooling sensations of the Embr Wave have been clinically proven to reduce insomnia, minimize sleep disturbances, and dissipate the effects of night sweats. Two pre-programmed Waveform sessions—Fall Asleep and All Night—help lull you to sleep and keep you soothed throughout the night for up to 9 hours of thermal comfort.

Comfortable days
During the day, the Wave can help adjust your sense of comfort with instant cooling or warmth at the press of a button or a tap in the app. Research shows that Embr Wave can help the average person feel 5°F cooler or warmer after just three minutes. Women may experience even greater relief, with female participants in studies reporting temperature differences up to 9°F.

Help with stress
When you're feeling stressed or anxious, the thermal sensations generated by the Wave can dissolve tension and help you unwind. Just as a warm bath or a cool compress can bring relief at the end of a long day, the Wave's relaxing thermal sensations are available whenever you need them to soothe your nerves or help you feel calm and collected.


What are hot flashes?

Hot flashes are feelings of extreme warmth in the body and on the skin that come on suddenly. They often cause heavy sweating, flushing across the face and neck, a faster or uneven heart rate, and a sense of anxiety. Thought to be the result of false signals sent to the brain to cool the body, hot flashes are a common symptom of menopause as well as hyperthyroidism, drug addiction, sleep disorders, and treatments for certain types of cancer.

What's the best hot flash help?

Traditional help for hot flashes includes hormone replacement therapy and prescription medications. However, these remedies are often accompanied by side effects like headaches, nausea, elevated blood pressure, decreased libido, and risks of serious diseases. Natural remedies for hot flashes without hormones include lifestyle changes, herbal treatments, yoga, and meditation. While these options may offer some hot flash help, they can't deliver instant relief when a hot flash occurs. That's why many people have turned to solutions like Embr Wave, a smart wristband that offers safe, fast, and natural help for hot flashes.

How does the Wave help with hot flashes?

The Embr Wave is a stylish wristband that delivers warm or cool sensations to the temperature-sensitive skin of the inner wrist. These sensations send a feel-good message to the brain that helps to recalibrate the body's sense of temperature. During a hot flash, the Wave can generate pulses of cooling sensation that help you feel cooler overall, dissipating the effects of a hot flash.

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