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How to stop hot flashes

How to stop hot flashes quickly and easily

Hot flashes are flat out unpleasant—the drenching sweat, the burst of heat on your skin, the rapid heart rate, and the feelings of anxiety. When you feel a hot flash coming on in a public or professional environment, the stress and embarrassment can double your misery. In these moments, the only thing you want to know is how to stop hot flashes—fast.

Traditionally, controlling hot flashes has been pretty difficult. Remedies like hormone replacement therapy, prescription medicines, herbal supplements, and yoga may help to lessen the frequency of episodes, but they're no use when you feel the hallmark signs of a hot flash coming on.

When you're wondering how to stop hot flashes in the moment, there's a simple, safe, and highly discreet alternative. It's the Embr Wave® from Embr Labs, a wearable cooling system that can bring instant relief for hot flashes, any time you need it and anywhere you go.

Embr Wave: cool relief for hot flashes

The Wave is a smart device worn on your inner wrist where the skin is highly sensitive to temperature. While it may look like a bracelet or a smartwatch, the Wave packs powerful thermal technology into this sleek and compact wearable. A thermoelectric heat pump within the device operates like a miniature heating or cooling system that can be silently activated with the press of a button. By gently cooling the skin of your inner wrist, Embr Wave taps into your body's natural ability to use localized temperature to comfort itself—and bring immediate hot flash relief.

The science of wearable temperature therapy
Embr Wave helps to provide relief in the same way that cupping a hot mug of coffee in your hands can bring a sense of warmth to your whole body, or how fanning your face can help you feel cooler all over. Research shows that local thermal sensations (like something cool on a small area of skin) send a comforting signal to the part of your brain that regulates emotion, stress, pleasure, and temperature. The Wave is engineered to take advantage of this pathway to the brain with technology that is precise and repeatable, delivering a highly effective, on-demand method for how to stop hot flashes.

What are hot flashes—and how can I stop them fast?

A hot flash is a sudden feeling of intense heat in the body that usually lasts from 30 seconds to several minutes or longer. Hot flashes can be accompanied by heavy sweating, a racing heartbeat, and redness in the face, neck, and chest. Night sweats are hot flashes that occur at night and can disrupt sleep or lead to insomnia.

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While a number of conditions and diseases can trigger hot flashes, they're most commonly associated with menopause in women. Medical professionals believe that the changes in hormone levels cause the brain to mistakenly believe the body needs to be cooled down fast. This triggers a chain of events that dilates the blood vessels near the skin's surface, activates the sweat glands, and causes the heart to beat faster to expel excess heat.

Traditionally, answers for how to stop hot flashes have involved medical treatment like hormone replacement therapy and prescription drugs. Women seeking natural remedies for hot flashes without hormones have turned to herbal supplements, yoga, meditation, acupuncture, and lifestyle changes. While each of these approaches may help reduce the severity and frequency of episodes, none can deliver instant relief for hot flashes to minimize your stress, disruption, and embarrassment.

How to stop hot flashes naturally with Embr Wave
Embr Wave offers a fast and discreet way to counteract hot flashes, night sweats, and even nausea in menopause. When you feel a hot flash coming on, simply press a button on the device or tap the app, and the Wave will begin generating pulses of cooling relief that can restore temperature balance and help you feel better right away.

Better nights. Comfortable days. Lower stress.

While the Wave is a powerful solution for how to stop hot flashes, it also offers benefits for many other moments of the day and night.

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Easier sleep
The Wave is an effective, nonpharmacological way to get better sleep at night. A Fall Asleep setting on the device generates calming waves designed to lull you into slumber sooner, while an All Night mode helps to keep you sleeping comfortably for up to 9 hours at a time. Research shows that using the Wave for two weeks can help to reduce sleep disturbances, alleviate insomnia, and bring relief for nighttime hot flashes.

All-day comfort
The Wave gives you the power to control your experience of temperature all day long. Whether you typically run hot or cold, you can recalibrate your sense of temperature anytime and anywhere with the press of a button or a tap in the app. A study with UC Berkeley revealed that Embr Wave's dynamic thermal Waveforms could help to change a person's perceived temperature by up to 9°F.

Less stress
Just like a cold compress or a hot bath at the end of a difficult day, the Wave can help reduce stress and anxiety quickly and easily. Precisely generated warming and cooling Waveforms trigger your brain's natural comfort response to help calm your nerves and soothe away tension.

Control your comfort with the Embr Wave app

The Embr Wave 2 app gives you even more options and control over your experience of temperature:

  • Customize your thermal settings, choosing session lengths that range from 5 minutes to 9 hours.
  • Edit, save, and rename sessions to personalize your Wave experience for maximum relief.
  • Explore Waveforms specially designed for how to stop hot flashes, improve sleep, reduce stress, and create comfort.
  • Reprogram the Wave's buttons to create shortcuts for quick access to your favorite cooling and warming sessions.
  • Track your usage to gain insight from your temperature experiences.
  • Download improvements and updates for your device.


What are hot flashes?

Hot flashes are sudden and brief episodes of intense warmth in the body that are often accompanied by heavy sweating, anxiety, a racing heartbeat, and redness across the face, neck, and chest. While these episodes usually last only a few minutes, they can be stressful and embarrassing—especially when they occur in public locations or professional situations.

How does localized thermal therapy stop hot flashes?

Hot flashes are thought to be caused by fluctuations in hormone levels that cause a person's internal thermostat to mistakenly believe the body needs to be cooled down. To release heat, the body begins to perspire and blood vessels just below the skin become wider. By generating pulses of cooling sensations on the temperature-sensitive skin of the inner wrist, Embr Wave taps into the body's natural ability to recalibrate its sense of temperature, helping an individual to immediately feel more comfortable overall.

What are night sweats?

Night sweats are hot flashes that happen when one is sleeping, and they typically cause a person to wake up drenched in sweat. Night sweats are often associated with menopause, but they can also be caused by hormone disorders, neurologic conditions, hypoglycemia, infections, and other conditions.

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