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Embr Wave Wristband

Discover thermal relief on demand. At the press of a button, Embr Wave helps you feel colder or warmer so you can be more comfortable.

Whenever you start feeling too warm or cold, you can activate the temperature for an immediate shot of thermal relief.

By directly cooling or warming the temperature-sensitive skin on your wrist, it immediately recreates the chill of an ice cube on your skin in the summer or the warmth of your hands by the fireplace in the winter.

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Q1: How does it work?

Embr Wave uses the fact that cooling or warming one place on the body can change how you feel without altering your core temperature. It creates a spot of cold or warmth that feels nice and comfortable, so that your body can focus on the pleasant sensation on your wrist rather than your earlier discomfort.

Q2: How can it affect my comfort?

In simple terms, cooling with Embr Wave feels like putting an ice cube on your wrist. It's refreshing and helps take the edge off when you're feeling uncomfortably warm. Similarly, warming with Embr Wave feels like cupping your hands around a mug of hot coffee.

Q3: When will it ship?

Our manufacturer will be producing Embr Wave in successive batches throughout the first half of 2018; you will be receiving yours based on how early you pre-ordered it.

5.0 rating based on 1,234 ratings

“I have been waiting over 8 years for relief. Now Embr Wave is a reality!”

Debbie D.

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5.0 rating based on 1,234 ratings

“I had a great experience with the initial Embr Wave prototype. In fact, I already pre-ordered the device based off my experience with it on a daily basis. My body does not respond well to varying temperature changes & Embr Wave helped to drastically reduce that variance. I’m looking forward to seeing the final design […]

Armond B.

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5.0 rating based on 1,234 ratings

“I was surprised at how much this product helped me. I missed it when it was charging, & definitely could notice a difference. I’m always cold—even in 80-degree weather—& at my church the A/C is really high so I usually always have the chills, but for once I didn’t. I shook hands & my hands […]

Sarah D.

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4.0 rating based on 1,234 ratings

“I think it’s great for both indoors & outdoors, but I found myself using it a lot during meetings in our sweltering conference room! It really is like dipping your hand in ice-water…”

Thalia P.

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5.0 rating based on 1,234 ratings

“I approached Embr when I read a description of the personal cooling device in the press. While using Embr Wave for a week to test the device, I discovered that the device helped me quickly return to sleep, once awakened. I found that by focussing on the cool sensation on my wrist, I ceased to […]

Sally E.

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5.0 rating based on 1,234 ratings

“Without question I can confidently suggest Embr Wave… If you’re looking for some warmth on a chilly morning, just press the heat button & enjoy the immediate source of heat, which quickly warms you & makes you more comfortable. You probably are wondering how something so small can accomplish so much, but believe me I […]

Debbie D.

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5.0 rating based on 1,234 ratings

“I work in an office & am often cold regardless of the time of year. To complicate the issue, I can’t control the thermostat and others in the office are comfortable with the temperature as it’s set. Wearing Embr Wave helped me warm up & maintain a comfortable body temperature. I found that wearing Embr […]

Kimberly F.

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5.0 rating based on 1,234 ratings

“I wear it from 8am to 9pm everyday & am used to it. In fact, I can’t imagine going through my days without it now!!!” I am in LOVE with Embr Wave!!!! With it on, you have the freedom to feel relaxed & not worry about varying temps in different situations. But if I didn’t […]

Vicky D.

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