Your body does
the rest.

Physiology of Comfort

Cold and warm things make you feel colder or warmer

Fact: how hot or cold you feel has far more to do with local temperature sensations than your core body temperature. That’s why running your wrists under cold water on a hot day feels so refreshingly chill, and why cupping your hands around a warm mug of tea on a cold day gives you a comforting feeling of warmth.

Relief at Your Fingertips

Press to activate waves

Whenever you start feeling too hot or too cold, just press and hold the Wave’s Light Bar to activate comforting waves of heating or cooling. By cooling or warming the temperature-sensitive skin on your wrist, Embr Wave helps you feel colder or warmer in minutes.

Science of the Wrist

One of the central comfort zones

There is a higher density of temperature-sensitive nerve endings on the inside of your wrist than on your fingertips. That’s what makes it such a perfect spot. It works to the same effect of putting an ice cube or a heat pack on your wrist—same relaxing relief instantly, at any time.

Intelligent Engineering

Developed by MIT scientists

Embr Wave is powered by patent-pending technology 
that uses cutting-edge thermoelectrics and precisely
engineered algorithms to produce maximally effective
warming and cooling sensations.

Use Extended Mode for 30
minutes of periodic cooling or
warming — designed for more
sustained comfort.

Use Quick Mode for 3 minutes of
cooling or 5 minutes of warming
— designed for when you need a
quick burst of relief.

Validated by Research

Embr Wave has been tested by researchers at the
University of California, Berkeley,
and by leaders at global consulting firm
EYP Architecture & Engineering.

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