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Temperature made personal

Cold and warm things make
you feel colder or warmer.

Embr Wave warms or cools one spot on your body to help you feel warmer or colder without changing your core body temperature. It works for the same reason why cupping your hands around a hot cup of coffee gives you a comforting feeling of warmth, and why running your wrists under cold water feels so refreshingly chill.

Just press.
Let your body do the rest.

It turns out your wrist is one of the body’s comfort control zones. In addition to being a pulse point, it’s rich in temperature-sensitive nerve endings. Just press and hold the Wave’s temperature control bar to activate a comforting wave of heating or cooling on your wrist. This triggers your body’s comfort response, letting you proactively deal with warm or cold situations.

Intelligent engineering
developed at MIT.

Embr Wave is powered by patent-pending technology developed at MIT that uses advanced materials and smart algorithms to produce maximally effective warming and cooling.

Temperature Control

Similar to a shower, just press and hold the temperature control bar until you dial in the perfect amount of cool or warmth.


Embr Wave delivers precisely engineered waves of temperature that leverage your body’s natural response to rapid temperature changes.


Powered by a rechargeable battery that lasts 2-3 days per charge with normal use.

Validated by top institutions

In a study funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation, researchers from UC Berkeley validated that the technology out of MIT makes people more comfortable in everyday scenarios through precisely engineered waves of warmth and cold.

hui zhang

“Embr Wave surprised our lab’s entire research team who specialize in thermal psychology and comfort. We did not expect a device so small to have this kind of measurable impact on the user’s thermal comfort.”

–Hui Zhang, Ph.D. and principal researcher UC Berkeley

EYP Inc, a leading architecture & engineering firm, demonstrated that 72% of employees felt more in control of their thermal comfort when they used Embr Wave.

hui zhang

“One of the best ways we can have a positive impact on our planet is reducing the energy consumption of our buildings. Embr Wave potentially represents a very interesting and innovative way for employers and building owners to lower their energy costs.”

–Leila Kamal, EYP Vice President of Design & Expertise

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