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Cool & warm the body,not the whole room.


Engineering that works with the natural tendencies of your body.

Whether you are feeling a little too warm or a little too cold, Embr Wave delivers an instant dose of localized thermal relief at the touch of a button. Studies show that this gives you a body-wide sensation of thermal comfort.

When the unit is cooling you, the aluminum
heat sink warms up to dissipate heat.


Why do localized sensations make me more comfortable?

The human body is hard-wired to respond to thermal sensations on the skin. These sensations trigger the regions of your brain that control pleasure and thermoregulation. In this way, Embr Wave leverages your body’s natural response to temperature to help it balance itself & help you feel more comfortable after just a few short minutes.

How does Embr Wave produce these temperature changes?

Unlike ordinary cooling & heating products, the thermal sensations that Embr Wave creates are immediate, precise, & effective. This is because of three technological innovations by Embr Labs:

How Embr Wave cools and warms