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Constant hot flashes

Find relief from constant hot flashes

When you suffer from constant hot flashes, it may feel like your body is betraying you. A hot flash can come on at any moment of the day, causing your face to flush, your skin to burn, and your sweat glands to kick into overdrive. Perhaps even worse is the embarrassment you feel about the lack of control over your own body—and how hot flashes can disrupt your focus and affect your performance in professional situations.

Finding remedies for constant hot flashes has never been easy. Hormone replacement therapy and prescription drugs are the most common approaches, but they come with some pretty serious side effects. While adjustments to diet and lifestyle can help, these take time and a serious commitment to making big changes. Ultimately, none of these remedies provide the immediate relief or deliver the control you need to feel more confident in your ability to deal with constant hot flashes.

Now, there's a scientific and natural remedy that offers relief for hot flashes—instantly, safely, and discreetly. It's the Wave® from Embr Labs, a personal cooling system you wear on your wrist.

Embr Wave: take control with temperature

The Embr Wave is a sleek and stylish wearable technology that generates a series of pleasantly cool or warm sensations on the inside of your wrist. Lasting 5 minutes to 9 hours, these thermal sensations send feel-good signals to your brain, tapping into your body's natural ability to rebalance your sense of temperature and to help you feel more comfortable.

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The Wave takes advantage of a connection between sensitive thermoreceptors on your wrist and the part of your brain that's associated with emotion, stress, pleasure, and thermoregulation. By simply warming or cooling the skin on your inner wrist, the Wave triggers a natural response mechanism that can change the way you experience temperature throughout your body. The result is greater control over your comfort level—and a solution that delivers natural relief for hot flashes.

How can warming or cooling my wrist affect my entire body?
It's the same principle as when you place a cold compress on your forehead to cool down, or when you warm up by cupping your hands around a mug of hot coffee. Those local sensations can immediately bring comfort to your entire body by changing your perception of temperature. The Wave works the exact same way, but with technology that delivers precise and repeatable thermal sensations to maximize relief and comfort.

Managing constant hot flashes with the Wave

Hot flashes can be related to many conditions, including cancer, anxiety, drug addiction, neurological disorders, and other diseases. Some people experience stress hot flashes, which can be part of the body's fight or flight response to intense anxiety.

For most women, however, hot flashes are the most common symptom of menopause and perimenopause. It's not exactly clear why hot flashes happen, but it's believed they're a reaction to a false signal that tells the brain the body needs to expel heat. In response, the brain triggers the body's natural cooling mechanisms. The blood vessels near the skin open up to release heat, causing intense feelings of warmth and redness on the skin, and the sweat glands kick into gear, often producing drenching perspiration.

For some women, hot flashes are mild and infrequent. But many women experience constant hot flashes that can last for years or even a decade or more. Many seek relief in medical treatments like hormone replacement therapy or prescription drugs, but these remedies carry serious side effects. Others turn to natural remedies like lifestyle changes, adjustments to diet, or meditation and yoga. These approaches can be helpful at reducing the frequency or severity of episodes, but they don't deliver the immediate relief needed when hot flashes do occur—you can't stop to do yoga in the middle of a meeting at work or while trying to get errands done! Hot flash relief products like ice packs and gels can help you cool down, but they're messy, cumbersome, and certainly not discreet.

In contrast, the Wave provides instant relief for constant hot flashes at the touch of a button, with a safe, silent, unobtrusive wearable device. With easy relief at hand whenever you need it, you can get on with your day without letting a hot flash (or the fear of one) hold you back.

Control your temperature with the Embr Wave app

To gain more control over your thermal experience, you can connect your Wave to the Embr Wave 2 app. While you can still use the Wave by simply pressing buttons on the device, the app unlocks a greater level of precision and power. Customize your thermal sensations, choosing session lengths that range from 5 minutes to 9 hours. Explore preset thermal sessions designed to deliver greater comfort, lower stress, better sleep, and fewer hot flashes. Reprogram the buttons on the Wave to create shortcuts for your favorite thermal sessions. And track your usage to gain insights into the patterns of your experiences with temperature.

More control. Less stress.

Along with relief for constant hot flashes, the Wave offers benefits for all areas of your life.

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Sounder sleep
Special thermal settings on the Wave can help to lull you to sleep sooner and let you rest easily through the night for up to nine hours at a time. Studies show that using the Wave for just two weeks can help to dissipate hot flashes at night, minimize sleep disturbance, and reduce insomnia.

Greater comfort
The Wave puts temperature relief at your fingertips all day long, no matter where you go. A UC Berkeley study showed that using the Wave for just 3 minutes helped participants feel 5°F warmer or cooler on average, and the Wave's cooling sensations helped women in particular feel up to 9°F cooler.

Lower stress
If you've ever calmed your nerves by sitting by a fire or pressing a cold compress to your forehead, you already understand the power of temperature for dealing with stress. The Wave makes these thermal sensations available on demand, generating precise waves of soothing warmth or cooling to relieve tension and help you feel calm.


What are hot flashes?

A hot flash is a quick burst of heat felt on your skin. It may be accompanied by drenching sweat, a faster heart rate, and redness in your face, neck, and chest. Hot flashes are a common symptom during menopause and are likely caused by hormonal changes that throw off your internal thermostat. Each hot flash episode may last no more than a few minutes, but many women experience constant hot flashes for months or even decades.

How can I manage constant hot flashes with Embr Wave?

The Wave is a wearable device that delivers pleasing warm or cool sensations on the sensitive skin of your inner wrist. For women who experience constant hot flashes, these localized waves of soothing coolness can tap into the body's natural ability to create balance and comfort through temperature. When you feel a hot flash coming on, you can instantly begin generating cool sensations on your wrist with the press of a button.

Will the Wave change my core body temperature?

No. Even during hot flashes, the core temperature of your body stays right where it needs to be--- around 98.6°F. The discomfort and heat you experience during these episodes are the result of a false signal to your brain that causes your skin to feel warm and your body to sweat. The cooling sensations generated by the Wave send a counter signal to your brain that can help dissipate the uncomfortable effects of hot flashes.

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