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Hot Flashes

Take control of your hot flashes

You know the feeling. The sudden burst of heat on your skin. The drenching sweat. The spiking heart rate and the redness in your face and neck. When you have hot flashes, it can often feel like you've lost control of your body.

But you're not alone: 70% of women going through menopause experience hot flashes, which can last for a decade or more. For some women, that can mean years of challenges, stress, sleeplessness, and anxiety caused by the daily onslaught of constant hot flashes.

While in the past, managing hot flashes meant hormone therapy, prescription meds, or ice packs, relief from hot flashes is now just a tap away—with the Wave® from Embr Labs.

Embr Wave. Cooling technology for hot flashes.

The Wave is a smart device that you wear on the inside of your wrist, where your skin is highly sensitive to temperature. It uses a compact thermoelectric heat pump to create a series of cool or warm sensations that run from 5 minutes up to 9 hours at a time. Using patented technology, the Wave allows you to tap into your body's natural ability to rebalance your perception of temperature and help you to feel better overall—including delivering safe and effective relief from hot flashes.

What is a hot flash, anyway?
You get a hot flash when your brain acts on a false signal that it needs to expel excess heat from your body. This can happen for many reasons, but it's a common part of the hormonal changes that occur during menopause.

How can a cool sensation on the wrist treat hot flashes all over the body?
There's a scientific reason why thermal sensations on your skin—like a cool cloth on your forehead— can help you feel better. These local thermal sensations send a comfort signal to the part of your brain that's associated with emotion, stress, pleasure, and thermoregulation. Simply cooling one spot on your inner wrist can change how you feel overall, thanks to this natural response mechanism. The Wave is engineered to take advantage of this pathway to the brain in a precise and repeatable way. In a study at UC Berkeley, participants reported feeling up to 9°F cooler after just three minutes of cooling with the Wave.

How it works

The Wave is a low-power, completely silent wearable that warms or cools the skin on the inside of your wrist. It uses advanced thermal technology to generate waves of warming or cooling sensations in carefully engineered patterns, called Waveforms. These sensations send a feel-good message to your brain and quickly provide relief to your entire body.

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How does the Wave warm or cool the skin?
You can think of the Wave a little bit like a mini personal air conditioner or heater. It uses something called a thermoelectric module—essentially, a heat exchanger—which contains materials that get cold or hot when electricity passes through them. With the Wave, electricity is generated by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The result is a warm or cool sensation that is as safe as touching a warm mug or icy glass.

Relief with the touch of a button
Want to know how to stop hot flashes fast? When you feel a hot flash coming on, simply press a button and the Wave immediately starts cooling the temperature-sensitive skin on the inside of your wrist. Thermoreceptors in your wrist send a signal to your brain, helping to change the comfort level and sensation of temperature in your whole body.

Backed by studies
Studies completed with Johnson & Johnson showed that women wearing the Wave felt greater control over hot flashes, with participants reporting a 168% improvement in hot flash control. The study also showed that wearing the Wave could reduce the time it takes to fall asleep by 28% and help with an overall increase in nighttime sleep.

More benefits for thermal wellness

Better nights
Explore thermal sessions specifically designed to lull your body into sleep and help you rest easy through the night for up to 9 hours at a time. A crossover study showed that using the Wave for two weeks reduced insomnia, sleep disturbance, and nighttime hot flashes.

All-day comfort
No matter where you go, the Wave puts the power of instant cooling relief or soothing warmth right at your fingertips. With the press of a button (or a tap in the app), you can start feeling better in seconds.

Less stress
Temperature can be an effective tool in fighting stress—think of the soothing power of a warm bath or the way resting your forehead on something cool can calm you down. The Wave gives you the ability to experience these sensations on demand (no tub required), so you can let relaxing waves of warmth or cooling waves of refreshment help you feel calmer during stressful moments.

Get the app for more control
While you can operate the Wave using the buttons on the device, the mobile app unlocks the Wave's full power and lets you personalize your thermal experience. Discover recommended cooling and warming sessions designed for comfort, sleep, stress, and hot flashes; or edit and save your own. Reprogram your device's buttons to quickly access your favorites, adjust the lights, and set your Wave to run from 5 minutes up to 9 hours.

Why choose the Wave?

Natural and safe
The Wave works with your body's natural response to local thermal sensations to help you take control over your perception of temperature. In other words, it can use a small amount of cooling on your wrist to encourage your body to cool itself down, the way it wants to. It's one of the most effective natural remedies for hot flashes without hormones.

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What are hot flashes?

Hot flashes are sudden feelings of warmth in your body that can cause intense sweating, redness in the face and neck, an elevated heart rate, and feelings of anxiety. Hot flashes can be quite mild or very intense. Severe hot flashes can make it difficult to carry out daily activities.

How does the Wave help with hot flashes?

The Wave is a smart wristband that can deliver sensations of warmth or cooling to the sensitive skin on your wrist. This localized temperature sensation comes in waves that are scientifically designed to maximize your thermal comfort. For hot flashes, the device provides concentrated cooling waves that bring temperature relief and help to manage the discomfort.

Does the Wave actually change my body temperature?

No. Even during hot flashes, your core body temperature stays right where it needs to be, around 98.6°F. Hot flashes are a local reaction to a false signal to your brain that prompts your body to release excess amounts of heat. The cooling sensation that the Wave generates sends signals to the brain to produce a soothing effect that can help with controlling hot flashes.

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