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Menopause chills

Find fast relief for menopause chills

When you think about menopause symptoms, hot flashes and night sweats are probably top of mind. But for many women, menopause chills can be equally disruptive. These flashes of intense cold frequently follow hot flash episodes, according to the North American Menopause Society, and can cause you to shiver, shake, and turn pale, even in a warm room or under heavy blankets.

Menopause chills are brought on by the same hormonal changes that cause hot flashes, and they're just as difficult to find relief for. Treatments like hormone replacement therapy or prescription drugs can minimize the severity or frequency of incidents, but serious side effects cause some women to avoid these approaches. Lifestyle changes, special diets, yoga, and meditation are touted as natural remedies for cold flashes. However, none of these options is able to quickly provide relief when you need it most, right when an episode is occurring.

Embr Wave® can help. The Wave is a smart wristband that can warm (or cool) to deliver instant help for menopause chills—any time of the day, no matter where you go.

Embr Wave: comfort control on your wrist

The Wave is a stylish wearable that resembles a smartwatch or a piece of jewelry. Within its compact exterior is a thermoelectric heat pump that generates pleasantly warm or cool sensations that you feel on your inner wrist, where your skin is highly sensitive to temperature changes. By applying a bit of warming or cooling in just the right spot at just the right time, the Wave is able to give you temperature relief and comfort on demand, minimizing the effects of menopause chills and hot flashes.

The science of localized thermal therapy
Embr Wave works with your body's natural response to local thermal sensations. Just as wrapping your hands around a cup of hot cocoa can help you feel warmer overall, the Wave lets you use a small amount of warming on your inner wrist to change the way you experience temperature throughout your body. When receptors in your skin register the pleasing warm or cool sensations generated by Embr Wave, they send a feel-good signal to your brain that tells your body to recalibrate how comfortable it feels. In other words, applying the right kind of warmth to the right part of your body can prompt your brain to think, "Hey, I'm not feeling so chilly after all!" Soothing warmth from the Wave instantly starts to dissipate the effects of menopause chills, while refreshing cool sensations deliver immediate menopause night sweat relief and help with hot flashes during (or after) menopause.

What are menopause chills?

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No one knows for sure why menopause wreaks havoc with your body's internal thermostat. It's believed that the hormonal fluctuations that cause menopause occasionally trick the brain's thermoregulation center into believing that the body is too cold or too hot. In the case of menopause chills, the brain believes the body needs to warm up quickly, triggering cold flashes designed to generate heat. The brain signals the muscles to contract rapidly and repeatedly, causing shivers. Blood vessels beneath the skin constrict to conserve heat, creating a deep sense of cold regardless of how warm or cold it is in the room. These episodes usually last a few minutes at most, but they can occur for years or even decades as the body adjusts to new levels of hormones.

How to use Embr Wave
To find relief from menopause chills with the Wave, you can simply press a button on the side of the device to initiate a series of warming sensations on your wrist that will immediately help minimize the effects of a cold flash.

More benefits of thermal wellness

Along with relief for menopause chills, Embr Wave does what other menopause cooling products can't, delivering benefits for sleep, stress, and comfort.

Better sleep
Temperature greatly affects the quality of your sleep. That's why Embr Wave offers thermal sessions specifically designed to help you fall asleep faster and rest easily through the night for up to 9 hours at a time. These features have made the Wave a favorite of women seeking effective menopause insomnia remedies. A study conducted with Johnson & Johnson showed that participants who used Embr Wave for two weeks were able to reduce insomnia, minimize sleep disturbances, and dissipate the effects of nighttime hot flashes.

All-day comfort
Whether you're someone who always feels too hot or too cold, Embr Wave provides a simple way to feel better fast. The Wave gives you instant access to soothing warmth or cool refreshment, so you get to have control over your thermal comfort no matter where you go or who's in charge of the thermostat. A UC Berkeley study showed that participants who used Embr Wave for just three minutes were able to feel 5°F warmer or cooler on average. Women in particular found even greater comfort: the Wave allowed them to feel up to 9°F cooler.

Less stress
If you've ever taken a warm bath to unwind or soothed your tensions with a cold compress—or conversely, if you've ever experienced overheating when you're flustered or felt cold and clammy during a moment of anxiety—you understand how powerful temperature can be when it comes to stress. Embr Wave lets you easily access relaxing thermal sensations to help relieve stress and anxiety anytime and anywhere.

Unlock more features with the Embr Wave 2 app

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While Embr Wave can be operated by simply pressing the buttons on the side of the device, connecting it to the mobile app will unlock the full potential of the device. Available from the iOS App Store or Google Play Store, the Embr Wave 2 app allows you to:

  • Take advantage of cooling and warming sessions designed to reduce stress, increase comfort, improve sleep, and manage hot flashes.
  • Customize your thermal experiences by editing, saving, and renaming sessions.
  • Choose your preferred session length, with options ranging from 5 minutes up to 9 hours.
  • Create shortcuts by reprogramming the Wave's buttons to quickly access your favorite sessions.
  • Download updates and improvements for your device.
  • Track usage patterns to better understand your experiences with temperature and optimize your relief.


What are menopause chills?

Menopause chills, or cold flashes, are feelings of intense cold and shivering that are unrelated to the temperature in the room. Cold flashes usually last just a few minutes and are thought to be related to changing hormone levels in the body that occur around menopause. These fluctuations cause the hypothalamus, which regulates temperature in the body, to become overly sensitive and mistakenly believe the body is too cold. To warm the body quickly, the hypothalamus causes muscles to shiver and constricts blood vessels to conserve heat, causing a person to feel chilled.

How does Embr Wave help with menopause chills?

Embr Wave generates pleasantly warm sensations on the temperature-sensitive skin of the inner wrist. These on-demand sensations tap into your body's natural ability to rebalance your perception of temperature and help you feel better overall.

Does the Wave change the core temperature of the body?

No. Even during intense menopause chills or hot flashes, your body's core temperature remains around 98.6°F, so you don't need to (and shouldn't) change your core temperature to feel better during a cold or hot flash episode. Embr Wave works by using localized thermal sensations to send a feel-good message to your brain that can offer quick relief for your entire body. It's safe, effective, and natural.

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