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Excessive body heat

Managing excessive body heat

Excessive body heat can be incredibly disruptive, both at work and home. Whether it's caused by menopause heat flashes, thyroid issues, medications, or stress, body overheating can leave you drained of energy and make it hard to concentrate on anything but cooling off.

Personal cooling products like ice packs, gels, and cooling towels may deliver some relief. But too often, these products are messy, inconvenient, and conspicuous—especially when you need to use them in professional settings. When you're experiencing excessive body heat while leading a board meeting, for example, you don't want to stop to grab a cooling towel out of the office freezer.

That's why Embr Labs has developed the Embr Wave®. This sleek, lightweight wristband provides on-demand cooling for instant and completely private relief from excessive body heat.

Embr Wave: cool comfort on your wrist

Resembling a stylish bracelet or smartwatch, Embr Wave is a device worn on the inside of your wrist, where your skin is highly sensitive to changes in temperature. By generating a series of pleasantly cool or warm sensations that are felt on the skin, the Wave stimulates a natural brain pathway that alters your perception of temperature and helps you feel more comfortable.

The science of local thermal sensations
Have you ever cupped your hands around a mug of hot tea and immediately started to feel warmer and cozier everywhere? Or splashed a little ice water on your face on a blisteringly hot day to help your entire body feel cooler? Studies show that these local warming and cooling sensations on a bit of skin can change the way you experience temperature as a whole. Thermoreceptors in your skin send a signal to the part of your brain that regulates temperature as well as emotion, pleasure, and stress. In turn, your brain recalibrates your perception of temperature to help you feel more comfortable in general.

How the Wave helps manage excessive body heat
Embr Wave works with your body's instinctual response to localized thermal sensation, giving you the power to change your perception of temperature anytime and anywhere you need. Whenever you're dealing with excessive body heat, all it takes is the press of a button to instantly start feeling cool relief. You can select from a variety of cooling waves designed for maximum comfort in different situations, with sessions that last from 5 minutes up to 9 hours.

What causes excessive body heat?

Excessive body heat can be caused by a wide range of situations and conditions. Stress is a common culprit, producing fight-or-flight physical reactions like a faster heart rate, heavy sweating, and increased body temperature.

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An overactive thyroid (hyperthyroidism) sets your metabolism on overdrive, which can lead to excessive body heat and other challenging symptoms. Certain medications and hormonal treatments can produce the same effect, and many people find that spicy foods, caffeine, and alcohol can also make them feel hotter.

Hot flashes are one of the most common reasons for excessive body heat in women, particularly during menopause. In fact, according to Johns Hopkins Medicine, approximately 75% of all women experience menopausal hot flashes. These episodes are thought to occur when the hormonal changes around menopause cause the brain to falsely believe the body needs to cool down fast. The brain triggers blood vessels beneath the skin to open wide and expel heat quickly, causing a sudden and intense burst of heat on the skin. The brain activates the sweat glands as well, often resulting in a drenching sweat.

How to get rid of hot flashes
Embr Wave has already helped tens of thousands of women (and men) seeking safe, effective, and convenient hot flashes remedies. Whenever you feel a hot flash coming on, you can press a button on the side of the Wave to get cool relief on demand. Embr Wave immediately generates a series of cool sensations on your inner wrist that help dissipate uncomfortable symptoms. The Wave can be used to provide hot flash relief for both women and men, and for hot flashes at night as well.

Better nights. More comfortable days.

With Embr Wave, you can use the therapeutic power of temperature to do even more than just manage excessive body heat.

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Reducing stress
Temperature is closely related to stress and can be a great tool when you need to ease tension and anxiety. Just as a warm bath or a cool compress can relax your body and soothe your nerves, Embr Wave gives you the ability to access precisely engineered thermal sensations to calm down and destress anytime you're faced with difficult moments.

Getting a better night's sleep
Embr Wave can also produce cooling or warming sensations designed to improve the quality of your sleep. Fall Asleep sessions offer gentle, slowing waves to promote sleep and to help you drift off more quickly. All Night sessions use steady waves of cool or warm comfort to keep your temperature balanced and your body resting easily through the night.

Controlling your comfort
Whether you're feeling too warm or too cool in a room, the Wave can help you change your perceived temperature by up to 9°F. That means you can control your comfort more easily, no matter who's in charge of the thermostat.

Unlock more features with the Embr Wave 2 app

You can get even more value from your Wave by connecting it to the Embr Wave 2 mobile app. Available from the iOS App Store or Google Play, the app unlocks a wide array of customization options, features, and settings. Personalize your thermal sessions, choosing your temperature level and session lengths that range from 5 minutes to 9 hours. Discover recommended thermal sessions designed to improve your comfort, reduce your stress, improve your sleep, and manage hot flashes more effectively. The app also lets you reprogram the buttons on the Wave to create shortcuts to your favorites, and to track your usage for greater insight into your patterns and experience with temperature. Additionally, the mobile app allows you to download updates and improvements for your device.


What is excessive body heat?

Excessive body heat refers to moments when a person feels overly warm and the body attempts to release excess heat by activating the sweat glands to increase perspiration, accelerating the heart rate, and dilating blood vessels beneath the skin. Moments of excessive body heat can be caused by stress, thyroid problems, medications, hormonal treatments, and hot flashes related to menopause.

How does Embr Wave provide relief for excessive body heat?

Embr Wave is a thermal wristband that generates soothing warm or cool sensations felt against the sensitive skin of the inner wrist. These thermal sensations tap into the body's natural ability to comfort itself with temperature, sending a feel-good message to the brain that restores balance and helps you feel better. In moments when you feel too warm, you can instantly start cooling with the Wave, triggering your brain to adjust how hot or cold your body feels and bringing fast relief.

Does the Wave change the body's core temperature?

No. Embr Wave simply helps you manage your perception of temperature, harnessing your body's natural ability to use local thermal sensations to find comfort and restore balance. The Wave does not affect your body's core temperature, which remains right where it needs to be, around 98.6°F.

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