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Get instant relief with personal cooling products

Personal cooling products can deliver powerful relief from hot flashes and other conditions that cause you to feel too warm. From ice packs and cooling towels to portable fans and wearable AC devices, personal cooling products are designed to help you feel more comfortable no matter where you go.

Not all of these products are as effective as others, however, especially for people working in professional settings. Cooling sprays and gels tend to be messy and disruptive, making them less convenient to use when you're in public. Ice packs, cold wraps, and cooling towels need to be constantly re-frozen or refrigerated, which means if you don't have a freezer handy and your ice pack has melted, you're out of luck—or if you do have access to a freezer, now you have to wait until the ice pack is ready to use again. And wearable AC products or fans that wrap around your neck are conspicuous, noisy, and unsightly—probably not something you'd want to wear when chairing a meeting or presenting to clients.

That's where Embr Wave® from Embr Labs can help. A sleek and stylish wristband that discreetly delivers instant, cool relief at the touch of a button, the Wave gives you the ability to easily manage your hot flashes and thermal discomfort anytime and anywhere, without anyone else needing to know.

Embr Wave: cool relief on your wrist

As a wearable cooling system, Embr Wave looks like a piece of minimalist jewelry or a smartwatch that's worn on the inside of your wrist. While it's subtle in size, it packs a big punch when it comes to giving you control over your experience with temperature. Contained within its compact exterior is a thermoelectric heat exchanger that generates warm or cool sensations in patterns that are engineered for optimal relief. When felt on the sensitive skin of your inner wrist, these thermal sensations send a feel-good message to your brain, triggering a natural response that causes it to recalibrate your perceived temperature and help you feel better fast.

The science of local thermal sensations
The effectiveness of Embr Wave is based on a physical phenomenon you likely already understand. Think of how a cold compress on the back of your neck can make you feel cooler overall on a scorching day. Or how cupping your hands around a mug of hot cocoa can warm you up from head to toe. These local thermal sensations communicate with the part of your brain that's associated with thermoregulation as well as emotion, stress, and pleasure. This neural connection means that a little bit of warmth or cooling at the right place and at the right time can have a big impact on your whole body's sense of temperature, improving your overall comfort.

Staying cool with Waveforms
Embr Wave makes it easy to harness this instinctual comfort response in a precise and convenient way. All it takes is the press of a button to instantly start feeling warming or cooling waves, delivered in specific patterns that are designed to maximize relief, whether you need help managing hot flashes, improving sleep, or reducing stress.

What's the difference between personal cooling products?

Personal cooling products use a variety of technologies to address hot flashes and overheating.

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Products like ice packs, cooling towels, and cooling vests can be effective hot flash remedies. However, these personal cooling products must be constantly re-refrigerated or refrozen, which can be a hassle. Once they've lost their chill, you're out of luck for however long it takes to get to a fridge and then wait until it gets cold again. These solutions can also be awkward to use or wear when you're at work, on the go, or in public.

Some devices offer cool relief by blowing air over your skin. These cooling products include handheld fans and wearable AC devices that are worn around your neck. While these options can deliver some assistance, they tend to be bulky, noisy, and noticeable—not ideal to use in professional situations.

Heat pump
An advanced class of personal cooling products uses heat pump technology to apply heat to or draw it away from the skin. These products are easier to use than refrigerated garments and can be less conspicuous than fan-based devices. Nevertheless, many of these personal cooling products are still fairly clunky and distracting, making them a less attractive option for business professionals or more formal settings.

Embr Wave
In contrast to other personal cooling products, Embr Wave is clean and simple, sleek and stylish, and convenient to use. The device is inconspicuous and operates silently, with no moving parts—if anyone even notices it, they'll simply think it's a piece of jewelry or a watch. You can activate cooling sensations immediately by pressing a button on the side of the device or using the mobile app. The Wave's long-lasting rechargeable battery gives you hours (or even days) of use on a single charge, so you'll have relief at the ready whenever you need it and wherever you go. And as a safe, noninvasive option that's totally drug- and hormone-free, Embr Wave is the smart, modern solution for anyone experiencing hot flashes during pregnancy or menopause.

Less stress. Better sleep. More control.

Embr Wave offers a number of benefits for anyone dealing with hot flashes, stress, insomnia, and other types of thermal discomfort.

How it works

Lower stress
Thanks to the natural connection between temperature and stress (think: taking a hot bath to relax or getting a breath of cool air to calm down), you can use the Wave's relaxing cooling or warming sensations anytime you need help to ease your nerves and take the edge off anxious moments.

Easier sleep
A clinical study with Johnson & Johnson showed that participants who use Embr Wave for two weeks were able to reduce sleep disturbances, insomnia, and hot flashes at night. The Wave offers two types of sessions that are specifically designed to promote sleep: Fall Asleep sessions lull you to sleep more quickly with gently slowing cool or warm sensations, while the All Night sessions provide steady waves of comfort to keep you resting through the night.

All-day comfort
Embr Wave puts the power of instant cool relief or soothing warmth at your fingertips, no matter where you go. With the Wave on your wrist, you can quickly and easily initiate thermal sessions designed to rebalance your sense of temperature at any time. A UC Berkeley study showed that participants who used Embr Wave for just three minutes were able to feel 5°F warmer or cooler on average, and that women who used the Wave felt up to 9°F cooler and 6°F warmer.

The Embr Wave 2 app

Unlike many personal cooling products, Embr Wave can be controlled and personalized by connecting it with a mobile app. Available from the iOS App Store and Google Play, the Embr Wave 2 app gives you more precise control over your settings and allows you to unlock the Wave's full potential with additional features and options. With the app, you can take advantage of thermal sessions that are optimized for comfort, sleep, stress, and hot flashes. To personalize your experience, you can edit, save, and rename sessions, choosing the temperature level that's right for you and session lengths that range from 5 minutes to 9 hours. You can also create shortcuts to your favorite sessions by reprogramming the buttons on the device. The app gives you access to downloadable improvements and updates for your device, and it allows you to track your usage so you can gain insight into your patterns and make your experiences with temperature even better.


What are personal cooling products?

Personal cooling products are intended to provide relief when you're feeling overheated or you're suffering from hot flashes. These may include frozen or refrigerated products that you press against your skin such as ice packs, cold wraps, or cooling vests. Cooling gels allow you to feel cooler as they evaporate on your skin, while portable fans and wearable AC devices blow air on your skin to keep you refreshed. Some personal cooling products like Embr Wave are more discreet and totally silent, using advanced thermal technology to generate cool sensations on your skin that help you feel more comfortable at the press of a button.

How does Embr Wave cool the body?

Embr Wave is a smart wearable device that uses a thermoelectric heat pump to generate pleasantly warm or cool sensations. When these sensations are felt on the temperature-sensitive skin of your inner wrist, your nerves send a signal to the part of your brain that's responsible for thermoregulation, prompting it to quickly change your sense of temperature so you can find comfort when your internal thermostat feels off. Embr Wave can provide relief for hot flashes, night sweats, and insomnia as well as help for perimenopause nausea.

Is the Wave completely safe?

Yes. The warm and cool sensations that are generated by Embr Wave and felt against the skin are as safe as touching a cold glass of water or a warm cup of coffee.

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