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Night sweats women

Relief from night sweats for women in menopause

Nothing ruins a good night's sleep like an episode of night sweats. While other conditions and reasons can contribute to you waking up drenched in sweat that leaves you chilled and fatigued the next day, menopause is the most common cause of these nighttime hot flashes.

For many women, night sweats not only interrupt sleep but leave their bedding and bedclothes soaked as well. Though an episode of night sweats may only last a few minutes, the extreme feelings of warmth, faster heart rate, and sense of anxiety can make it hard to get to sleep again, leaving women fatigued and frustrated throughout the following day.

For women with night sweats and hot flashes, relief can be hard to come by. The most common treatments have been hormone therapy, other prescription meds, non-portable bedroom additions, or lifestyle changes, along with a host of natural remedies and supplements that tend to offer little relief. But now, there's a better and scientifically-proven way to minimize the discomfort and disruption of night sweats and hot flashes for women in menopause. It's Embr Wave®, a personal body cooling system you wear right on your wrist.

Thermal wellness with Embr Wave

The Wave is a thermal wristband from Embr Labs that generates a series of pleasant cool or warm sensations on your inner wrist, activating a natural pathway to your brain that can deliver relief from night sweats for women in menopause. The skin on your inner wrist is especially sensitive to temperature, and a cooling sensation at just the right time sends a signal to your brain that can provide immediate relief from the discomfort of night sweats.

A wearable for thermal comfort
Embr Wave looks a bit like a smartwatch, but it's worn on the inside of your wrist where your skin is particularly sensitive to warm and cool sensations. By simply pressing a button on the Wave—one for warming and one for cooling—you can start a series of precise thermal sensations that last for 5 minutes up to 9 hours. These waves of warmth or coolness harness your body's natural ability to use temperature as a way of creating balance and feeling better.

Better sleep, fewer hot flashes
The Wave can relax you to sleep with calming sensations that let you rest easy at a temperature that feels just right for you. Through the night, the Wave can help to regulate your sense of warmth or coolness to deliver instant relief from nighttime hot flashes.

What causes night sweats for women?

Night sweats in women are more than a matter of simply "sleeping hot." Episodes of hot flashes at night are most commonly caused by menopause or perimenopause. During this time in a woman's life, changing levels of hormones can affect the brain's thermoregulatory center, which controls how the body conserves warmth or expels heat. Hot flashes and night sweats are thought to occur when this thermoregulatory center receives a false signal that the body is too warm. In response, the brain opens up blood vessels near the skin to release excess heat, causing feelings of extreme warmth and flushing across the face, neck, and chest. Perspiration is also triggered as a way of cooling the body, leading to heavy sweating that can produce anxiety and extreme discomfort, especially when hot flashes occur at night.

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For many women, night sweats feel more severe than the hot flashes they experience during the day. This may be because of the extra warmth provided by bedding, and because hormone levels can often spike higher at night. And night sweats can be aggravating because they prevent women from getting a solid night's sleep.

How to stop hot flashes at night
Hot flashes and night sweats for women experiencing menopause may last anywhere from a few months to a decade or more. The most common medical treatment for hot flashes is hormone replacement therapy (HRT), where women take doses of estrogen or progesterone to mitigate the effects of menopause. This approach works well for many women, but the side effects of this approach can be severe, including bleeding, bloating, nausea, headaches, and mood changes. Some women are unable to take HRT due to other health conditions or the side effects it can cause. Some prescription medications are available for hot flashes, and many women turn to natural therapies like acupuncture, yoga, meditation, and herbal supplements.

However, for many women with night sweats, the Embr Wave offers faster and more effective relief in a solution that takes advantage of your body's natural ability to regulate your temperature experience.

The science behind Embr Wave

So, how can a warming or cooling sensation on the skin of the inner wrist bring relief to night sweats, hot flashes, and other thermal experiences that seem to affect your whole body? It turns out that there's a scientific reason that thermal sensations on one part of your body can change how you feel overall.

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Think about the comfort you get from wrapping your hands around a warm cup of coffee on a cold morning, or the relief you feel from spritzing your face with cool water on a blistering day. These sensations on a small area of skin send a signal of comfort to the part of your brain that's associated with stress, pleasure, emotion, and thermoregulation. This thermal pathway is part of your body's ability to change the way you perceive temperature and your sense of comfort and well-being.

How it works
The Wave is a low-power, completely silent wearable that safely moves heat or cold away from your skin. It's like having a mini personal air conditioner or heater on your wrist. A thermoelectric module inside the Wave generates warming or cooling sensations, sending them to a ceramic plate that rests against your skin. Embr Labs' patented control system and temperature sensors generate waves of sensations that are designed with precision to deliver cooling for night sweats, warmth for cold days, and a calming effect for stressful times.

Backed by scientific studies
Embr Labs has conducted peer-reviewed published research studies that showed that women who used the Wave experience significantly fewer hot flashes that interfered with sleep. In fact, participants reported a 168% improvement in their ability to control hot flashes. The study also showed that the Wave helped to reduce sleep onset latency—the time it takes to fall asleep—by 28%.

The Embr Wave 2 app

The Embr Wave 2 app gives you more control over your thermal experience. While you don't need to use the mobile app to draw comfort from the Wave, the app unlocks the full potential of the Wave, allowing you to customize the temperature sensations and access additional features and settings. With the app, you can:

  • Explore thermal sessions designed for comfort, stress, sleep, and hot flashes.
  • Reprogram your Wave's buttons to create shortcuts to your favorite cooling and warming sessions.
  • Choose session lengths ranging from 5 minutes to 9 hours.
  • Edit, save, and rename sessions.
  • Track your usage and gain insights from your patterns.
  • Download improvements and updates for your Wave.


What are night sweats?

Night sweats are a form of hot flashes that occur during sleep. While they're most commonly associated with menopause, they can also be caused by anxiety, autoimmune disorders, cancer, drug addiction, sleep disorders, and other diseases. During night sweats, the body tries to cool down by opening the blood vessels near the skin, creating redness and the sensation of heat across the face, neck, and chest. Heart rate often increases, and sweat glands are activated.

What's the treatment for night sweats in women?

Medical treatment for night sweats in women includes hormone therapy, prescription medicines, and natural remedies such as herbal supplements, yoga, acupuncture, and meditation. Embr Wave is a new technology that can effectively deliver menopause night sweat relief through a wearable device that cools the skin on the inner wrist.

How does Embr Wave help with night sweats?

Research shows that immediate stimulation with cold sensations before or during a hot flash or night sweat episode can reduce its overall intensity and/or duration. Embr Wave is a wearable wristband that uses a thermoelectric module to impart precise waves of cooling sensation on the inner wrist where the skin is highly sensitive to temperature. This sends a feel-good signal to the brain that quickly brings relief to the entire body.

Does Embr Wave automatically activate in response to night sweats?

Embr Wave doesn't sense or detect night sweats, but it does give you multiple options for relief. With the press of a button (or a tap in the app), you can activate a cooling session when you go to bed. Choose a shorter session to help you drift off or one of our All Night sessions that run for 7-9 hours to keep you comfortable all night long. You can also use the Wave to alleviate a night sweat as soon as you feel it coming on—just press for immediate cooling right when you need it.

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