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Body cooling system

Finding the right body cooling system

When you suffer from excessive heat, a body cooling system can be a lifesaver.

Whether it's from stress, thyroid problems, or hot flashes in pregnancy or menopause, feeling constantly warm can drain you of the energy you need to be productive and prevent you from enjoying your life. A body cooling system is designed to deliver immediate relief—anytime and anywhere you need it.

However, most body cooling systems today have pretty big drawbacks, especially in professional situations. Some products are not portable enough to accommodate a busy lifestyle. Others are too messy for business attire, or too inconvenient to use discreetly.

Fortunately, there's now a body cooling system that's simple, easy to use, and ultra-discreet. It's the Embr Wave® from Embr Labs, a series of wearable cooling bands that give you the power to recalibrate your experience with temperature with the press of a button.

Embr Wave: cool relief on your wrist

Embr Wave is a smart device that you wear on your inner wrist, where your skin is highly sensitive to changes in temperature. The Wave looks a bit like a smartwatch, but its stylish exterior houses some powerful thermal technology that can deliver cool refreshment when you feel overly warm. With the press of a button or a tap in a mobile app, you can instantly generate pleasantly warm or cool sensations against your skin that last from 5 minutes up to 9 hours at a time. These on-demand sensations tap into your body's natural ability to use temperature as a way of restoring balance and feeling better.

How can a thermal wristband work as a body cooling system?
Studies show that a small but concentrated thermal sensation—like a cool feeling on your inner wrist—can change the way your entire body perceives temperature. It's like when you wrap your hands around an icy glass of water and you instantly feel a bit cooler all over. Or how a warm compress on your forehead can help your whole body feel warmer and cozier. These local thermal sensations provide comfort to your entire body by rebalancing your sense of how hot or cold you feel. As a body cooling system, Embr Wave takes advantage of this physiological response, using a series of cool sensations to send a feel-good message to the part of your brain that regulates temperature, pleasure, emotion, and stress. As a result, you can find immediate relief in moments where you feel too warm.

How to get rid of hot flashes with the Wave
Embr Wave is loved by women (and men) for its ability to deliver fast and convenient hot flash help. When you feel the telltale signs of a hot flash coming on, you can quickly initiate a session designed to dissipate symptoms and restore your temperature balance. Best of all, the Wave is incredibly discreet, allowing you to manage your hot flashes without anyone else needing to know.

The pros and cons of body cooling systems

If you search for body cooling systems, you'll see an unending list of products designed to deliver relief for warm rooms, hot flashes, and excessive body heat. While some of these products can be effective, few are convenient, simple, and inconspicuous enough to use on the go or in professional settings.

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Ice packs, cooling gels, and spray mists might cool you down quickly, but they're messy and not always practical to use when you're in the middle of doing something else. Cooling towels need to be continually re-refrigerated or soaked in water, and cooling vests worn under your clothing are bulky and uncomfortable—and neither of these options is going to do much to complement your wardrobe! Wearable AC units that wrap around your neck and (noisily) blow cool air on your skin might be helpful at home, but you probably wouldn't want to chair a board meeting while wearing one of these devices.

Embr Wave is the only solution that provides powerful relief on demand with a silent, stylish wearable that's completely inconspicuous. With the Wave as your body cooling system, no one else ever needs to know when you're experiencing a hot flash or discomfort with temperature.

Unlock Embr Wave's full potential with the mobile app

For maximum control over your experience with temperature, connect your Wave to the Embr Wave 2 mobile app, available from the iOS App Store or Google Play Store. The app unlocks the full potential of the Wave and lets you personalize your thermal experiences. Explore preset thermal sessions specially designed for managing comfort, stress, sleep, and hot flashes. Edit, save, and rename sessions, choosing your preferred temperature and length of session. Reprogram the buttons on Embr Wave to create shortcuts to your favorite sessions. Track your usage to learn more about your experience with temperature, and download improvements and updates for your device.

Easier sleep. Greater comfort. Lower stress.

Embr Wave is more than just an effective body cooling system; it also delivers benefits for improving sleep, enhancing comfort, and managing stress.

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Better sleep
For women seeking perimenopause insomnia remedies, the Wave can help. Quality sleep is closely tied to temperature, and Embr Wave has calming sensations designed to lull you to sleep easily and keep you resting comfortably through the night. The Fall Asleep sessions gradually slow down to relax your body into sleep faster, while the All Night sessions feature steady, soothing waves of cooling or warming at your perfect temperature for up to 9 continuous hours.

All-day comfort
No matter where you go—or who's in control of the thermostat—the Wave gives you more power over your experience with temperature. A study with UC Berkeley found that participants who used the Embr Wave for just three minutes were able to feel up to 5°F warmer or cooler on average. Women in particular found the Wave to be highly effective at cool comfort, reporting feeling up to 9°F cooler after using the device.

Reduced stress
Embr Wave's pleasant warm and cool sensations are great stress reducers. Just as a warm bath or a cool compress can help to soothe your nerves, the Wave gives you access to temperature therapy on demand to help you feel calmer and more collected during stressful moments.


What is a body cooling system?

A body cooling system is a product or technology designed to deliver cool relief for hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, and other temperature-related conditions.

How can the Wave cool my entire body?

Embr Wave helps to rebalance your sense of temperature by applying a series of cool pulses to the sensitive skin of your inner wrist. These sensations communicate with the part of your brain that's responsible for emotion, pleasure, stress, and thermoregulation. In response, your body recalibrates your perception of how hot or cold you are and helps you feel better overall.

Does Embr Wave change my body's core temperature?

No. Despite what you might expect, your core temperature doesn't have much impact on how you feel (unless you're feverish or hypothermic); even during the most intense hot flashes, your body temperature remains around 98.6°F. Embr Wave is able to make a big difference in how you feel by tapping into your body's natural ability to draw comfort from localized thermal sensations.

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