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Sleeping hot

Tired of sleeping hot?

Does this scenario sound familiar? You slip beneath the covers for a good night's sleep, but within a short time you wake up sweating and uncomfortable. You throw off the blankets to try to avoid sleeping hot, but then at some point, you cover up again. During the night, you repeat the cycle again and again without truly finding relief.

Sleeping hot can ruin a good night's rest and leave you fatigued the following day. Clearly, finding a solution that can keep you comfortable all night long would improve both the quality of your sleep and your focus throughout the day.

That's why Embr Labs has developed Embr Wave®, a smart wristband that uses thermotherapy to balance your sense of temperature—day or night, no matter where you are—providing a powerful tool to keep you from sleeping hot.

Embr Wave: cool relief for better sleep

Embr Wave resembles a smartwatch or a bracelet that's worn on the inside of your wrist. Within its stylish exterior, the Wave contains advanced thermal technology designed to provide temperature relief and comfort on demand. Using a compact thermoelectric heat pump, the device generates a series of cool or warm sensations that you feel on your inner wrist, where the skin is highly sensitive to temperature changes. These thermal sensations stimulate a natural brain pathway that changes how your body experiences temperature and makes you feel more comfortable whether you're too hot or too cold.

Why cool sensations on your wrist help you feel better overall
The thermal sensations generated by Embr Wave tap into your body's natural ability to use temperature as a way of finding comfort and restoring balance. It's the same principle as when you feel warmer throughout your body after wrapping your hands around a hot cup of coffee, or how a cold compress on the back of your neck can make you feel cooler overall on a swelteringly hot day. Studies show that a small but concentrated thermal sensation on one part of your body—like the skin on your wrist—can change the way you perceive temperature throughout your body, helping you to feel more comfortable. The Wave puts this power at your fingertips, in a precise and repeatable way, so you can get fast relief right when you need it most.

How Embr Wave helps when you're sleeping hot

You don't have to just put up with sleeping hot night after night—with Embr Wave, you can do something about it. At the press of a button, you're able to activate cooling sensations designed specifically to help you sleep.

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Fall Asleep sessions feature gradually slowing waves of warming or cooling, to relax your body into sleep more easily and quickly. All Night sessions run for 7-9 hours and provide steady, soothing waves that keep you comfortable throughout the night. You can adjust the temperature level and choose your preferred session duration, and you can save your favorites to one of the Wave's two buttons for even easier access. You get to control your experience with temperature and put an end to sleeping hot.

Why are you sleeping hot?

There are many reasons people may sleep hot. The room temperature of your bedroom may not be cold enough; your pajamas might be too warm; or you might exercise too close to bedtime. Certain foods and beverages can also impact how warm your body feels, making it harder to fall asleep. Some underlying health conditions can also affect your perceived temperature during sleep, with hot flashes during pregnancy and night sweats for women in menopause being extreme examples of sleeping hot.

Your body temperature decreases in the evening, to conserve energy and promote sleep. Once you fall asleep, your temperature continues to fall, helping you stay asleep throughout the night. Because your body associates heat with wakefulness, the warmer you get at night, the more likely you are to wake up. By providing gentle pulses of cooling sensations throughout the night, Embr Wave can keep you sleeping comfortably, delivering a better night's sleep and enabling you to feel more rested the next day.

Less stress. All-day comfort.

The thermal wellness benefits offered by Embr Wave go far beyond being a solution for sleeping hot.

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Reduce stress with thermotherapy
Embr Wave's hot and cold therapy can help you feel less stress during challenging moments and ease your tension at the end of a difficult day. If you've ever taken a warm bath to wind down or used a cold compress to calm your nerves, you already know how temperature can reduce your stress level.

Take control of your comfort
With the Wave functioning as a personal heater or wearable AC, you can take control of your experience with temperature no matter where you are or who's in charge of the thermostat. Whenever you feel too warm or too cold, you can use the Wave to adjust your perception of temperature. A study conducted with UC Berkeley found that using Embr Wave for just three minutes enabled participants to feel 5°F warmer or cooler on average, and that women were able to change their perceived temperature by up to 9°F.


What does "sleeping hot" mean?

Sleeping hot is when you feel too warm at night to rest comfortably. This thermal discomfort might be caused by consuming food and beverages that slightly increase your perceived temperature before bedtime or by underlying health conditions that affect temperature during sleep. For women in menopause, hot flashes at night (or night sweats) are one of the most common reasons for sleeping hot.

How does Embr Wave help with sleeping hot?

Embr Wave is a thermal wristband that generates warm or cool sensations against the skin of the inner wrist, which is highly sensitive to temperature. The Wave harnesses the body's natural ability to draw comfort and relief in reaction to concentrated thermal sensations. In the same way that dipping just your toes in cold water can help you feel cooler overall, the feeling of cool waves against your wrist at night can make your entire body feel cooler and allow you to rest more easily.

Is the Wave safe to use?

Yes. The thermal sensations generated by Embr Wave are as safe as touching a glass of ice water or a mug of hot coffee.

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