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Perimenopause nausea

Find instant relief for perimenopause nausea

Nausea tends to be associated with pregnancy, but many women also experience bouts of queasiness during perimenopause, the years leading up to menopause. It's not surprising—the same hormonal fluctuations that cause nausea during pregnancy are also present during perimenopause. According to the Cleveland Clinic, these changes are primarily driven by declining levels of estrogen. And while most women find that perimenopause symptoms like hot flashes and night sweats are the biggest challenge of the menopause transition, dealing with nausea can be just as tough, especially in professional settings. People that are quick to support a pregnant coworker during bouts of morning sickness may not understand why a colleague in her 40s and 50s is suddenly feeling nauseated all the time.

Scan the internet and you'll find lots of suggested remedies for perimenopause nausea, including prescription drugs, hormone replacement therapy, exercise, and dietary changes. None of these options, however, can help you make it through a board meeting or a client presentation when you feel yourself getting queasy.

That's where Embr Wave® from Embr Labs comes in. Embr Wave is a thermal wristband that offers instant, natural, and highly effective help for perimenopause nausea that's so discreet, no one will know you're using it.

Embr Wave: cool comfort for perimenopause nausea

Embr Wave provides fast relief for nausea at the press of a button, in a stylish wearable device that operates silently and unobtrusively. While it may look like a sleek smartwatch or bracelet, it's worn on the inside of the wrist, and the small size houses powerful thermal technology that packs a big punch. Using a compact thermoelectric heat pump, the device can instantly generate a series of pleasing warm or cool sensations that are felt on the temperature-sensitive skin of the inner wrist. Your body instinctively reacts to these sensations by sending a feel-good message to your brain that tells it to readjust how hot or cold you feel, helping you rebalance your perception of temperature so you can feel better.

How a cool wrist can relieve perimenopause nausea
When you're nauseated, cooler temperatures can help alleviate queasiness. Many women find that turning the thermostat down or stepping outside on a cold day can reduce feelings of nausea.

By applying cool sensations to your inner wrist, Embr Wave taps into your body's innate ability to find comfort from local thermal sensations. It's like when you splash ice water on your face to cool down on a scorching day in July, or how just holding a mug of hot coffee in your hands can make you feel warmer overall. These localized sensations communicate with the part of your brain that's responsible for thermoregulation, stress, pleasure, and emotion. In response, your brain recalibrates your experience with temperature throughout your body, allowing you to feel more comfortable and quelling your nausea. The Wave lets you take advantage of this natural reaction in a precise, controllable way that's ready whenever you need it.

How to use Embr Wave to remedy perimenopause nausea
When you feel yourself becoming nauseated, you can start Embr Wave by simply pressing buttons on the device or tapping the mobile app. The device will immediately generate a series of soothing, calming, cool sensations that give you instant control over your nausea symptoms. You select the temperature level and the duration of each thermal session, which range from 5 minutes up to 9 hours.

What causes nausea in perimenopause?

Known as the menopause transition, perimenopause can last anywhere from a year or two up to a decade before your actual menopause. During this time, the number of hormones produced by your ovaries is fluctuating or decreasing. These hormonal changes are thought to trigger hot flashes by causing your brain to mistakenly believe your body is overheating and must be cooled down. These same hormonal fluctuations can also cause nausea, especially on days when estrogen production suddenly spikes.

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Traditional treatments for perimenopause nausea included hormone replacement therapy and prescription medicines. The side effects of these remedies cause many women to shy away from this medical approach, however. Natural remedies like exercise and lifestyle or diet changes can offer some relief, but these strategies are of little use when you're at work and you're feeling progressively more nauseated.

Some women find relief in cooling bands, cooling vests, gels, and ice packs. While these solutions may relieve some symptoms, they're also messy, cumbersome, and obtrusive, especially in professional settings. It's hard to imagine anyone wanting to leave in the middle of an important meeting to go grab a cold vest from the refrigerator or to strap an ice pack around their neck.

That's why so many women love Embr Wave as a remedy for perimenopause nausea. As a body cooling system, it's incredibly discreet—no one will even know you're using it. It can accompany you everywhere you go, providing instant relief on demand. And it's highly effective, allowing you to quickly dissipate the effects of nausea with the press of a button.

Gain more control over perimenopause nausea with the mobile app

The Embr Wave 2 mobile app, available from the iOS App Store or Google Play, allows you to unlock the full potential of the Wave for managing nausea, hot flashes, stress, and other temperature-related conditions.

  • Discover thermal sessions that have been specially designed to offer maximum relief for various scenarios and conditions.
  • Edit, save, and rename sessions to personalize your device.
  • Reprogram the buttons on the Wave to create shortcuts to your favorites.
  • Choose the desired intensity and length of each session, with options from 5 minutes to 9 hours.
  • Track the way you use the app to learn more about your experience with temperature.
  • Download improvements and updates.

Improve your sleep. Control your comfort. Reduce your stress.

Along with help for perimenopause nausea, Embr Wave lets you use the therapeutic power of temperature to help with managing sleep, comfort, and stress.

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Better nights
Embr Wave features two thermal sessions specifically designed to promote better sleep. Fall Asleep sessions are engineered to lull your body into slumber faster with relaxing waves of cooling or warming that gradually slow down, while All Night sessions use steady, gentle waves to keep you resting for up to 9 hours. A Johnson & Johnson study showed that participants who used the Wave for two weeks were able to reduce insomnia, sleep disturbances, and nighttime hot flashes. That's what makes the device such an effective alternative to pharmacological perimenopause insomnia treatments.

More comfortable days
By giving you the power to change your perception of temperature, Embr Wave makes it easier to stay comfortable all day long. Whenever you're feeling too warm or too cold and you can't control the thermostat, you can press a button to activate cooling or warming waves to bring your body back into balance.

Stress relief
Temperature can be a big help in stressful situations. Think of how a hot bath can help you feel less anxious or how a cold drink can calm your nerves when you need to chill out. Embr Wave offers soothing warm or cool sensations on demand, to help you deal with stress anytime and anywhere.


What is perimenopause nausea?

During perimenopause (the years leading up to menopause), changing levels of hormones can result in a variety of symptoms like hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, and trouble sleeping. On days when declining levels of estrogen spike temporarily, women can experience bouts of nausea.

How does Embr Wave help with perimenopause nausea?

Embr Wave is a thermal wristband that generates pleasing warm or cool sensations against the skin of the inner wrist, which is especially sensitive to temperature changes. These sensations tap into the body's natural ability to rebalance your perception of temperature, helping you feel better overall. When you're feeling nauseated, the cool waves on your wrist can quickly alleviate your symptoms so you can get on with your day. The Wave is also an effective solution for women seeking perimenopause insomnia remedies as well as relief for hot flashes and night sweats.

Is Embr Wave safe to use?

Absolutely. The warm and cool sensations generated by Embr Wave are as safe as touching a glass of cold water or a cup of warm cocoa.

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