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Hot flashes during pregnancy

Find fast relief for hot flashes during pregnancy

As if morning sickness, fatigue, and weight gain weren't difficult enough, about one third of women will also experience hot flashes during pregnancy. These sudden bursts of heat and bouts of drenching sweat can strike without warning, disrupting your day and making it nearly impossible to focus on work.

Conventional recommendations for managing hot flashes during pregnancy include dressing in layers, wearing natural fibers, staying hydrated, and practicing meditation. While these suggestions may help reduce the frequency or intensity of episodes, none of them can deliver immediate relief when you feel a hot flash coming on as you're chairing a meeting or pitching a client.

That's why Embr Labs developed the Embr Wave®. This smart and stylish wristband operates as a personal body cooler that offers instant relief for hot flashes during pregnancy or menopause. Embr Wave is safe, convenient, and highly discreet—no one will ever know you're using it.

Embr Wave: safe and natural relief at your fingertips

Embr Wave is a sleek, lightweight device you wear on the inside of your wrist, where your skin is especially sensitive to temperature changes. The Wave's compact exterior houses a powerful thermoelectric heat pump that generates warm or cool sensations in precisely engineered wave patterns. When the nerves in your skin register the Wave's cooling sensations, they send a feel-good message to the brain, which quickly tells the body to recalibrate its perception of how hot or cold you should feel. By tapping into your body's innate ability to rebalance your sense of temperature, Embr Wave is able to deliver immediate, effective, and natural relief for hot flashes in pregnancy.

Drawing comfort from local thermal sensations
When you experience hot flashes during pregnancy, you need safe and noninvasive solutions more than ever. Embr Wave works in harmony with your body, tapping into an instinctual response that you already understand and use, even if you aren't aware of it: Think of how cupping your hands around a mug of hot cocoa in winter can make you warm and cozy all over. Or how splashing cold water on your face on a summer's day can make your entire body feel cooler. The right type of temperature on the just right spot at the just right time can have a big, full-body impact. Embr Wave's thermal sensations have been carefully optimized to take full advantage of this natural phenomenon, so you can get fast relief for hot flashes during pregnancy right when you need it most, with something that's as safe as touching a warm mug or chilled glass.

What causes hot flashes during pregnancy?

Women who experience hot flashes while pregnant are affected by the same conditions that trigger hot flashes during menopause: fluctuating levels of hormones. Changes in your level of estrogen, along with an increased metabolism during pregnancy, can throw off your body's internal thermostat, causing it to mistakenly believe you're overheated and that you need to cool down fast. In response, your brain sends your sweat glands into overdrive and dilates the blood vessels beneath your skin to expel excessive body heat. These actions produce the sudden burst of heat you feel on your face, neck, and chest, and the uncontrollable sweating that can accompany hot flashes during pregnancy or during menopause.

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How to get rid of hot flashes with Embr Wave
When you feel a hot flash coming on, all you have to do is press a button on Embr Wave or tap in the mobile app to instantly start feeling a series of pleasantly cool sensations on your inner wrist. While you feel the cooling on your skin, your brain and body go into action in the background, working to counteract the effects of the hot flash and help you feel more comfortable overall. By harnessing your body's natural ability to respond to feel better in response to temperature, Embr Wave is able to offer rapid relief from hot flashes as well as night sweats, stress, insomnia, and other conditions that may also accompany pregnancy.

Less stress. More comfort. Better sleep.

Beyond helping with hot flashes during pregnancy, Embr Wave can be used for many other wellness benefits.

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Lower your stress level
If you've ever taken a hot bath to unwind at the end of a long day or stepped out for some cool air to calm down when you were feeling overwhelmed, you already know that temperature can be a powerful tool to relieve stress. Embr Wave gives you on-demand access to warming or cooling sensations designed to help ease tension, relax your body, and destress, anytime or anywhere you need them.

Take control of comfort
With Embr Wave on your wrist, you can control your experience with temperature no matter who's in charge of the thermostat. A press of a button or a tap in the app can increase your comfort, whether you're shivering in your office or trapped in a stuffy room. A UC Berkeley study showed that using Embr Wave for just three minutes helped participants feel 5°F warmer or cooler on average. Women reported even stronger results, with improvements of up to 9°F.

Improve the quality of sleep
Temperature also plays a big role in promoting better sleep. A clinical study performed with Johnson & Johnson showed that using Embr Wave for two weeks helped participants achieve significant reductions in insomnia, sleep disturbances, and nighttime hot flashes. The Wave features two types of thermal experiences designed specifically for sleep: Fall Asleep sessions use progressively slower waves of warming or cooling to encourage your body to drift off to sleep faster. All Night sessions feature steady and comforting waves to keep your body balanced and resting easy through the night.

The Embr Wave 2 app

With the Embr Wave 2 app (available from the iOS App Store and Google Play) you can unlock features and settings that give you even more effective, personalized relief for hot flashes during pregnancy. Explore sessions recommended for improving sleep, increasing comfort, reducing stress, and alleviating hot flashes. Edit and save sessions with your preferred temperature level and duration run-time lengths that range from 5 minutes to 9 hours. Reprogram the Wave's buttons to keep your favorite cooling and warming experiences right at your fingertips, and track your usage to learn from your patterns and learn how to manage your hot flashes over time. The app also lets you download updates and improvements for your device.


What are hot flashes?

Hot flashes are thought to be the body's response to fluctuating levels of hormones that cause the brain's thermoregulation center to mistakenly believe the body is overheating. To expel heat quickly, blood vessels beneath the skin dilate, causing an uncomfortable burst of warmth. The heart beats faster to pump blood more quickly through the body, and the sweat glands kick into gear to produce more perspiration, which cools the body as it evaporates on the skin.

Why do women get hot flashes during pregnancy?

While hot flashes are commonly associated with menopause, they can occur during pregnancy as well. Hot flashes in early pregnancy are likely caused by lower or fluctuating levels of estrogen in the body.

How does Embr Wave help with hot flashes?

Embr Wave is a smart wristband that instantly generates warm or cool pulses that are felt on the temperature-sensitive skin of the inner wrist. These sensations activate a natural pathway to the brain that prompts the body to recalibrate its sense of temperature to quickly provide full-body comfort, providing fast, noninvasive relief for hot flashes, night sweats, and other thermal conditions.

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