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Staying cool with wearable AC

When you can't stand the heat, a wearable AC device can give you the power to stay cool anywhere you go. Wearable AC is a portable body cooling system that lets you control your experience with temperature no matter who's in charge of the thermostat. These personal cooling devices offer instant relief for stifling rooms and sweltering days as well as physiological conditions like heat flashes, night sweats, and thyroid issues that cause you to feel too warm.

When considering a wearable AC device, you'll find a couple of different types of products. There are portable fans that wrap around your neck and blow cool air, and there are devices that generate cool sensations against your skin. Many wearable AC products can cool you down effectively, but few (if any) are discreet enough to be worn in professional situations.

Now there is a wearable AC device that can deliver instant relief from overheating and hot flashes, seamlessly, conveniently, and without anyone needing to know what you're up to. It's Embr Wave® from Embr Labs, a thermal wristband that offers safe, natural, and ultra-discreet relief with the press of a button.

Embr Wave: instant temperature relief on your wrist

Embr Wave is a wearable AC device that looks like a smartwatch or stylish bracelet. Worn on the inside of your wrist, where your skin is highly sensitive to changes in temperature, the Wave lets you access thermal relief on demand—anytime and anywhere.

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How it works
Embr Wave's compact exterior houses a sophisticated thermoelectric heat pump that generates a series of warm or cool sensations that you feel on the skin of your inner wrist, lasting from 5 minutes to 9 hours at a time. These thermal sensations work with your body's natural ability to use temperature as a way of restoring balance and feeling better. When receptors in your skin register pleasantly cool sensations, they send a feel-good message to the part of your brain that deals with thermoregulation as well as emotion, stress, and pleasure. In response, your brain tells the rest of your body to recalibrate its perception of temperature, quickly enabling you to feel more comfortable overall.

A natural phenomenon
Embr Wave takes advantage of a physiological phenomenon you already understand and know well. Imagine how, on a cold winter's day, just wrapping your hands around a hot mug of cocoa can help you feel warmer overall. Or how spritzing ice water on your face in the heat of summer can make your entire body feel cooler. The Wave harnesses this instinctual response mechanism, using precisely engineered pulses of warming or cooling sensations called Waveforms. By applying these sensations at the right spot and the right time, the Wave can change the way you experience temperature throughout your body.

Safe, discreet wearable AC

You can use Embr Wave's wearable AC technology in a wide variety of situations. The Wave can provide relief for hot flashes during pregnancy or menopause, or help for perimenopause nausea and cold flashes. Whenever you're in a room that feels too warm, Embr Wave can help you immediately adjust your perception of temperature.

When you connect your device to the Embr Wave 2 app, available from the iOS App Store or Google Play, you'll unlock additional features and settings to make the Wave even more effective for you. You can choose your desired temperature level for warming or cooling sessions, and to select session lengths ranging from 5 minutes to 9 hours. You can browse different thermal sessions designed to mitigate hot flashes, improve sleep, lower stress, and enhance comfort. And you can customize the device by editing, saving, and renaming sessions, or by reprogramming the buttons for quick access.

Additional benefits of the Wave

While Embr Wave's wearable AC wristband is more than just an excellent body cooler for moments when you're too warm.

Reduce stress
Use relaxing warm or cool waves to help you feel calmer and more collected when your stress level is starting to rise. Temperature is a highly effective way to reduce stress. Just as a warm bath or a cold compress can help you settle your nerves or unwind at the end of a long day, Embr Wave's thermal sensations can ease tension and help you stay calm through anxious moments.

Get a better night's sleep
A study with Johnson & Johnson found that participants using Embr Wave for just two weeks reported significant improvements in insomnia, sleep disturbances, and nighttime hot flashes. Fall Asleep sessions use gentle, gradually slowing waves of warming or cooling to lull your body to sleep more quickly, while All Night sessions provide up to 9 hours of steady waves to keep your body resting comfortably through the night.

Stay comfortable wherever you go
"Room temperature" doesn't work for everyone. No matter where you are or who's in charge of the thermostat, the Wave gives you the power to take control of your comfort. A UC Berkeley study found that Embr Wave helped participants to feel an average of 5°F warmer or cooler after just three minutes, with women reporting a difference of up to 9°F.

Why choose Embr Wave?

A natural cooling mechanism
Embr Wave offers a completely safe and natural way to find cool relief from hot flashes, night sweats, and other temperature-related conditions.

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The Wave is an approved expense in many Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs). To determine whether your purchase is covered by your plan, contact your FSA administrator or employer.

Buy your device with financing from Affirm and spread your payments out over 3, 6, 12 months, or more.

Free shipping
Your Embr Wave device will ship free of charge to any address in the U.S.

Free returns
If you're not satisfied with Embr Wave as a wearable AC solution, simply return the device within 30 days for a full refund.


What is wearable AC?

Wearable AC is a personal cooling technology that's designed to help your body cool down when you're feeling overly warm. Wearable AC products fall into two categories: technology that works like a fan to blow cool air on your skin, and devices that turn cold and are applied directly to the skin.

How does the Wave provide cool comfort?

Embr Wave uses a compact heat exchanger to generate warm or cool sensations that are felt on the temperature-sensitive skin of the inner wrist. These thermal sensations send a feel-good message to the brain that tells your body to quickly rebalance its sense of temperature, changing how hot or cold you feel.

Does the Wave change the body's core temperature?

No. "Feeling hot" or "feeling cold" usually doesn't have much to do with your core temperature, except in extreme circumstances like hypothermia or heat stroke. The rest of the time, your body temperature will be where it's supposed to be, around 98.6°F. Embr Wave is able to have a big impact on how hot or cold you feel by using a small amount of thermal sensation on a sensitive part of the body, stimulating a natural brain pathway that changes how you perceive temperature and helping you feel more comfortable overall.

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