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Sleep cold

How to never sleep cold again

While it's often said that feeling cooler can help you get better sleep, feeling too cold can be just as much of a problem as feeling too hot. If you find yourself shivering throughout the night or waking up with toes that feel like ice cubes, you might be someone who "sleeps cold." Sleeping cold can make it impossible to get a good night's sleep, leaving you feeling fatigued the next day.

For people who sleep cold, Embr Labs has developed the Embr Wave®, a thermal wristband that generates soothing, warm sensations to rebalance your sense of temperature and allow you to rest more easily. Whether you suffer from hypothyroidism, cold flashes, or menopause chills, the Wave's thermotherapy can help you get the rest you need at a temperature that's comfortable for you.

Embr Wave: warm comfort for better sleep

Embr Wave is a smart device that resembles a piece of jewelry or a smartwatch. It's worn on the inside of your wrist, where thermoreceptors in your skin are highly sensitive to changes in temperature. Inside the Wave's stylish exterior is advanced thermal technology that generates warm or cool sensations, which can last from 5 minutes to 9 hours at a time. These warming and cooling sensations tap into your natural ability to use localized, concentrated thermal experiences to deliver comfort to your entire body.

To help you feel warmer and sleep better at night, all you have to do is press a button. Embr Wave immediately starts creating warm pulses that come in precisely engineered patterns called Waveforms. When you feel these gentle pulses on your inner wrist, they send feel-good signals to your brain that tell it to adjust how warm or cold your body feels, so you can quickly feel warmer overall. These sensations trigger a neural pathway to the part of your brain that's associated with thermoregulation as well as pleasure, stress, and emotion. The result: a bit of heat therapy on your wrist at the right time and at the right temperature can restore your balance and make you feel more comfortable.

How does warmth on the wrist provide comfort for the body?
A localized thermal sensation (i.e., a concentrated feeling of warming or cooling in a small area of the body) can have a big impact on how you feel overall. Think of how, on a chilly winter's day, just wrapping your hands around a hot cup of cocoa can help your entire body feel warmer and cozier. The heat from the cup is only warming your hands, but that concentrated warmth is able to change your whole body's comfort level. Embr Wave harnesses this instinctual response in a controlled and convenient way, giving you the power to change your perception of temperature whenever you need to.

What does it mean to "sleep cold"?

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There are many reasons you may tend to sleep cold. Poor circulation can cause you to feel colder, especially in your hands and feet. Thyroid problems can interfere with your body's ability to regulate temperature, making you feel cold in bed. Certain medications and chemotherapy can also interfere with thermoregulation and cause you to sleep cold. And many women in menopause or the years leading up to it may experience cold flashes along with night sweats that are the product of hormonal changes in the body.

To help you fall asleep more easily and stay asleep longer, Embr Wave offers two thermal sessions designed specifically to support better sleep. Fall Asleep sessions use relaxing waves of warming or cooling that gently slow down to lull your body to slumber, while All Night sessions offer steady to keep your body balanced and comfortable throughout the night.

Enjoy greater control with the Embr Wave 2 app

While you can always operate Embr Wave using the buttons on the side of the device, connecting to the Embr Wave 2 app (available from the iOS App Store or Google Play) gives you a far greater range of customization options and features. With the app, you can:

  • Explore thermal sessions specially designed for comfort, sleep, stress, and hot flashes.
  • Track the way you use the Wave and gain insights from your patterns.
  • Edit sessions by selecting your preferred temperature level and length, with options ranging from 5 minutes to 9 hours.
  • Rename sessions and reprogram the Wave's buttons for easy access to your favorites.
  • Download updates and improvements for your device.

The Wave's thermal wellness benefits

Beyond providing warmth when you sleep cold, Embr Wave's hot and cold therapy provides other benefits for thermal wellness.

How it works

All-day comfort
With the Wave on your wrist, you have the power to control your experience with temperature, no matter who's in charge of the thermostat. When you're in a room that's too warm or you're feeling a bit chilled, Embr Wave can help you readjust your perception of temperature with the press of a button. A study conducted by UC Berkeley showed that participants who used the Wave for just three minutes were able to feel up to 5°F warmer or cooler on average. Women participants found the Wave especially effective, as it allowed them to feel up to 9°F cooler and 6°F warmer.

Lower stress
If you've ever taken a hot bath to relax or sipped a cold drink to calm down and chill out, you know that temperature can be a powerful tool for fighting stress. During anxious moments or at the end of a long day, the Wave lets you use soothing waves of warm or cool sensations to ease tension and relieve stress.


Why do some people sleep cold?

Temperature is intimately connected to quality of sleep. When people sleep cold, it's often because of poor circulation or thyroid problems. Prescription medications and chemotherapy can also interfere with thermoregulation during sleep. And hormonal changes like those experienced during menopause can throw off the body's internal thermostat, leading to chills or cold flashes at night.

How does Embr Wave provide relief for people who sleep cold?

Embr Wave is a wearable device that allows you to take advantage of your body's natural ability to use temperature to provide comfort throughout the body. It uses a compact thermoelectric heat pump to generate cool or warm sensations that are felt on the temperature-sensitive skin of the inner wrist. These pleasing thermal sensations automatically send a feel-good message to the brain, telling it to rebalance its sense of temperature to adjust how hot or cold you feel so you can feel better overall.

Does the Wave change my core body temperature?

No. Even when you sleep cold, your core body temperature stays around 98.6°F, which means it's not necessary to change your core temperature to feel warmer. Embr Wave uses carefully calibrated warming or cooling sensations to naturally rebalance your perception of temperature—so instead of sleeping cold, you can sleep well.

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