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Men and hot flashes

Do hot flashes affect men, too?

Hot flashes are usually associated with women and menopause, but they can also affect men. The symptoms for men are the same as for women: an intense feeling of heat, excessive sweating, a racing heart rate, and possibly redness in the face and neck. Severe hot flashes can be extremely disruptive, especially in professional situations.

A hot flash can make it difficult to stay focused on a simple conversation, let alone lead a meeting, give a presentation, or pitch a client. And most of the treatment options (like exercise, lifestyle changes, acupuncture, or prescription drugs) offer zero relief for symptoms in the moment when a hot flash strikes.

That's why Embr Labs has developed the Embr Wave®, a smart wristband that functions as a personal body cooler to deliver safe, immediate, and discreet relief for women—and men—experiencing hot flashes.

Embr Wave: cool relief for hot flashes

Embr Wave looks like a smartwatch that's worn on the inside of your wrist. Inside its compact exterior is advanced thermal technology that can generate cool or warm sensations in precisely engineered patterns called Waveforms. When felt on the sensitive skin of your inner wrist, these Waveforms send signals to your brain that adjust the way you perceive temperature throughout your body, putting quick and immediate hot flash help at your fingertips.

How can cooling your wrist bring comfort to the whole body?
The Wave takes advantage of your body's natural ability to find comfort in concentrated thermal sensations. It's like when you seek cool refreshment on a hot day by sprinkling a bit of ice water on your face, or how wrapping your hands around a hot mug of cocoa can help your entire body feel warmer. To provide relief for hot flashes in men and women, the Wave uses this physical phenomenon in a precise and repeatable way, delivering pulses of cool sensations at the right temperature and the right time that minimize the duration and severity of hot flash symptoms.

Why do men get hot flashes?

Hot flashes are thought to be caused by fluctuations in hormone levels that mistakenly cause the brain to think the body needs to cool down fast. In women, these fluctuations most commonly occur around menopause. For men, these hormonal changes can be the result of stress, low testosterone levels, disease, depression, and certain cancer treatments.

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When the brain's thermoregulation center mistakenly gets a message that the body is overheating, it triggers a series of events that result in a hot flash. The heart starts pumping faster. The sweat glands produce perspiration that evaporates on the skin to help the body cool down. Blood vessels near the skin's surface open up to expel heat quickly, creating a burst of uncomfortable warmth.

What can help with hot flashes?
For men or women experiencing constant hot flashes, typical remedies are of little use. Prescription medications, adjustments to diet, exercise, yoga, acupuncture, and herbal supplements can all play a role in reducing the frequency or severity of hot flashes. But unless you're able to pause your day to do yoga every time a hot flash starts to come on, none of these options is able to offer any relief in that uncomfortable moment when you need it most.

That's where Embr Wave can help, delivering instant, cooling relief with the press of a button or a tap in a mobile app.

How Embr Wave works

Embr Wave is a silent, unobtrusive wearable device that creates pleasant warm or cool sensations that you feel on the sensitive skin of your inner wrist. Generated by a compact thermoelectric heat pump, these sensations are completely safe—like touching a warm mug or a cool glass of water. Thermoreceptors in your skin register these pulses of temperature and communicate with the part of your brain that's responsible for controlling emotion, stress, pleasure, and thermoregulation. In turn, your brain sends signals to the rest of your body that help to recalibrate your sense of how hot or cold you feel, bringing instant comfort in the middle of hot flashes.

What to do when a hot flash happens
When you feel a hot flash coming on, you can quickly press a button (or use the app) to activate a cooling session that will immediately start working to counteract the effects of the hot flash and bring your perception of temperature back into balance. You control the intensity and duration of each session, and since the device operates with no noise or mess, you can use the Wave without anyone needing to know what you're doing.

Take control with the app
The Embr Wave 2 app gives you even more control over your experience with temperature. Available from the iOS App Store or Google Play, the app lets you explore thermal sessions that are precisely engineered for different needs, including hot flash relief, improved comfort, lower stress, and better sleep. You can edit, save, or rename any session, choosing lengths from 5 minutes to 9 hours or adjusting the temperature to your preference. You can even reprogram the buttons on the side of the device for quick access to your favorite warming or cooling sessions.

Control your comfort—day and night

Along with relief for hot flashes, Embr Wave gives you the ability to use the therapeutic power of temperature anywhere and anytime.

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Better sleep
The Wave has been clinically proven to help reduce insomnia, sleep disturbances, and nighttime hot flashes. You can choose thermal sessions designed to lull your body into sleep faster, and to help you rest easy through the night for up to 9 hours at a time.

All-day comfort
With cooling relief or soothing warmth available at your fingertips, you can stay in control of your experience with temperature, no matter who's in charge of the thermostat. A UC Berkeley study showed that participants who used Embr Wave for just three minutes were able to feel up to 5°F warmer or cooler on average, and women were able to adjust their perception of temperature by up to 9°F.

Less stress
Just as a cold compress can calm you down or a warm bath can melt away tension at the end of a long day, you can use Embr Wave to help relax and ease stress. With the press of a button or a tap in the app, instantly call up refreshing cooling waves or gentle warming waves to help you find that moment of Zen when life starts to get hectic.


What are hot flashes?

Hot flashes, or heat flashes, are sudden feelings of warmth that are typically felt in the face, neck, or chest. They may be accompanied by a reddening of the skin, heavy sweating, accelerated heart rate, and feelings of anxiety or irritability. Hot flashes tend to last anywhere from 30 seconds to 5 minutes or more, and they're thought to be caused by changing levels of hormones that cause the brain to mistakenly believe the body needs to cool down quickly.

Do men get hot flashes?

While hot flashes are usually associated with women and menopause, men can also experience hot flashes. In men, episodes are typically triggered by low levels of testosterone, stress, or treatment for prostate cancer.

How does the Wave deliver hot flash relief for men?

Embr Wave is a smart wristband that provides safe, immediate, and discreet relief for men with hot flashes. By applying precisely engineered waves of cool sensations on the temperature-sensitive skin of the inner wrist, the Wave sends a feel-good signal to the brain that adjusts the perception of temperature throughout the body to bring instant relief from hot flashes in men or women.

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