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Wearable cooling devices

Take control with wearable cooling devices

When you're feeling overheated and uncomfortable, wearable cooling devices can deliver fast relief. These personal cooling products are designed to offer instant help for hot flashes, night sweats, and those times when you feel your body overheating. From chilled scarves and cooling vests to portable fans worn around your neck, wearable cooling devices can provide much-needed assistance in managing your experiences with temperature.

There are a variety of different types of wearable cooling devices on the market, each with its own set of pros and cons to think about, especially if you plan on using one at work. Many devices require refrigeration or freezing, making them more cumbersome to use. Some are highly conspicuous—you probably wouldn't want to pitch a prospect or lead a business meeting with a wearable AC unit wrapped around your neck, for example. And from bulky wraps to clunky bracelets, the majority of wearable cooling devices can simply be unsightly and unattractive.

Embr Labs has an alternative: a wearable cooling device that's sleek, stylish, and convenient to use. It's Embr Wave®, a wristband that delivers cool sensations on demand with the press of a button, letting you manage your thermal experiences without anyone else needing to know.

Get instant relief with Embr Wave

Embr Wave looks like a smartwatch or bracelet that's worn on the inside of your wrist. Within its streamlined exterior is powerful thermal technology that works a bit like a miniature cooling or heating system. A thermoelectric heat pump inside the device can generate soothing warm or cool sensations that are felt on the sensitive skin of your inner wrist. By applying a concentrated bit of warming or cooling at just the right time, Embr Wave taps into your body's natural ability to rebalance your perception of temperature and helps you feel better overall.

How does it work? Think of how a splash of cold water on your face when you're feeling overheated can cool down your whole body. Or how warming your hands by wrapping them around a mug of hot cocoa can make you feel warmer from head to toe. In these moments, thermal sensations felt on a small area of skin send a feel-good message to the part of your brain that's responsible for thermoregulation, emotion, pleasure, and stress. In response, your body recalibrates the way you perceive temperature so you can quickly feel more comfortable.

Waveforms: precise patterns of thermal sensations
The Wave ingeniously harnesses the body's instinctual reaction to temperature and gives you the ability to trigger this natural response in a controlled and optimized way, whenever you need it most. The cool or warm sensations are delivered in patterns that are precisely engineered to provide relief for stress, insomnia, hot flashes (while pregnant or in menopause), and other temperature-related conditions.

How to use Embr Wave
With Embr Wave, when you're faced with stress, hot flashes, or night sweats, you can simply press a button on the side of the device. You'll immediately feel cooling waves on your inner wrist, and you can keep the sensations going in sessions that can last from 5 minutes to up to 9 hours. Connecting your device to the Embr Wave 2 app gives you access to a variety of cooling and warming waveforms specifically designed to promote sleep, enhance comfort, reduce stress, and dissipate hot flashes. The app lets you edit sessions, choosing the temperature level and duration option that's just right for you. You can also reprogram the buttons on the Wave to create shortcuts to your favorite sessions. Additionally, through the app you can download improvements and updates for your device.

Types of wearable cooling devices

Wearable cooling devices tend to fall into several categories, each with its own considerations.

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Devices like cooling vests, cooling towels, or cooling neck wraps may offer sustained cooling, but because they must be refrigerated before each use, they're often not available in the moment when you need them and can be difficult to use when you're away from home. They also tend to be "single-use" solutions: once the chill wears off, you're stuck until you can find a fridge (and wait for the product to get cold again).

Handheld fans and wearable AC units worn around the neck can provide a constant breeze that may help to keep you cool. However, these devices are conspicuous and noisy—you probably don't want to wear a fan around your neck when you're leading a meeting or giving a presentation.

Some wearable cooling devices use advanced technology to generate cool sensations against the skin. These are easier to use than refrigerated products and may be less awkward than handheld fans and wearable AC devices. But most of these products tend to be too bulky or unsightly for professionals. The last thing you want when you're overheating is a solution that draws more attention to yourself.

That's why Embr Wave is uniquely effective and convenient. The device is easy to use and take wherever you go—no refrigeration or water needed. With a rechargeable battery that reaches full power in about 2 hours, you can get hours (or even days) of relief before you need to recharge, and the understated and stylish exterior means you can wear it in any situation. And because the Wave is so small, silent, and unobtrusive, you can manage your hot flashes and discomfort with incredible discretion—no one else will ever know what you're up to.

The benefits of Embr Wave

As a wearable cooling device (or as a personal warming system) Embr Wave offers many advantages for thermal relief 24/7.

Help with hot flashes and menopause symptoms
The Wave's on-demand cooling can alleviate the effects of hot flashes as well as other menopause symptoms, like menopause night sweats and perimenopause nausea. With a bit of cooling at the right time, Embr Wave can help shorten the duration of these episodes and minimize their severity.

Greater comfort all day long
Wherever you go, having the Wave on your wrist gives you the power to control your experience with temperature, no matter who's in charge of the thermostat. When you're feeling too warm or too cold, you can immediately initiate a session to restore your thermal balance and improve your comfort level.

Rest more easily at night
Temperature has a big impact on the quality of your sleep, and waves of cooling or warming at just the right temperature can help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. Embr Wave provides thermal sessions designed to promote better sleep. Fall Asleep sessions lull you to sleep more swiftly, while All Night sessions allow you to rest steadily through the night.

Alleviate stress and nerves
Embr Wave's warm and cool sensations can soothe your nerves and settle your mind, providing welcome relief during stressful moments of the day. Temperature often helps to reduce stress—just think of how stepping out for some cool air or settling down near a warm fireplace can ease your tension. When you feel your anxiety rising, you can quickly and inconspicuously begin a thermal session with Embr Wave to aid you toward feeling calmer and more collected.

Why women (and men) love Embr Wave

A natural approach to temperature control
As a wearable cooling device, the Wave offers a simple and natural way to find relief from hot flashes and other temperature-related conditions. Embr Wave works with your body's instinctual response to local thermal sensations to provide cool comfort that is fast, private, and safe.

How it works

The Wave has been approved for many Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs). To see if Embr Wave is eligible under your plan, contact your FSA administrator or employer.

Optional financing with Affirm
Affirm is a financing plan that may make it possible to purchase your Embr Wave today and spread your payments out over 3, 6, 12 months or more.

Free shipping
Your Wave will ship free to any address in the U.S.

Easy returns
If you're not satisfied with Embr Wave as a wearable cooling device, you may return it within 30 days for a full refund.


What are wearable cooling devices?

Wearable cooling devices are garments that provide cool relief when you're experiencing hot flashes, suffering from night sweats, or finding yourself overheated. Some examples include things like cooling vests and portable fans worn around your neck.

How do wearable cooling devices help with menopause symptoms?

While activities like yoga and meditation or lifestyle changes and adjustments to diet can help you avoid certain hot flash triggers, none of these solutions is able to offer immediate support for hot flashes when you're in the middle of one. Wearable cooling devices provide instant cooling that can lessen the severity and duration of a hot flash when you need it most.

How does Embr Wave keep you cool?

Embr Wave is a thermal wristband that generates warm or cool sensations in precisely engineered patterns that are felt on the sensitive skin of your inner wrist. To help with hot flashes, the waves of cooling communicate with the part of your brain that's responsible for thermoregulation, sending a message that tells it to quickly rebalance your sense of temperature so you can feel better fast.

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