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What can help with hot flashes

What can help with hot flashes? During menopause and the years leading up to it, hot flashes can strike at any time. For many women, these uncomfortable episodes can last months, years, or even decades.
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Wearable cooling system

Take control of temperature with a wearable cooling system When it feels like someone's cranked your internal thermostat to the max, a wearable cooling system can make a huge difference. Hot flashes, night sweats, stress, and other conditions can make your experience with temperature nearly unbearable at times. In these moments, the right personal cooling system can bring cold relief to alleviate your symptoms and allow you to feel more comfortable quickly.
Wearable cooling devices - Embr Labs

Wearable cooling devices

Take control with wearable cooling devices When you're feeling overheated and uncomfortable, wearable cooling devices can deliver fast relief. These personal cooling products are designed to offer instant help for hot flashes, night sweats, and those times when you feel your body overheating. From chilled scarves and cooling vests to portable fans worn around your neck, wearable cooling devices can provide much-needed assistance in managing your experiences with temperature.
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Wearable AC

Staying cool with wearable AC When you can't stand the heat, a wearable AC device can give you the power to stay cool anywhere you go. Wearable AC is a portable body cooling system that lets you control your experience with temperature no matter who's in charge of the thermostat. These personal cooling devices offer instant relief for stifling rooms and sweltering days as well as physiological conditions like heat flashes, night sweats, and thyroid issues that cause you to feel too warm.
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Finding comfort with thermotherapy Thermotherapy can have profound effects for healing. As noted by the Mayo Clinic, this type of heat therapy involves applying warmth to a part of your body to increase circulation, prevent pain, relax muscles, and accelerate healing. Thermotherapy can also have a powerful impact on your perception of temperature—a little heat on one part of your body allows you to feel warmer overall. If you're experiencing cold flashes during menopause or you're just someone who's always slightly chilled, a bit of thermotherapy at the right time can help you feel more comfortable, fast.
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Menopause symptoms

Taking control of menopause symptoms Women can experience a variety of different symptoms during menopause. Mood changes, difficulty sleeping, reduced libido, headaches, anxiety, and weight gain are just a few of the many results of hormonal changes that occur during menopause. But of all the potential menopause symptoms, few are as common—or as aggravating for women—as hot flashes.
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Menopause relief

Where to find fast menopause relief When you're suffering from menopause symptoms like hot flashes and night sweats, fast and natural relief is a high priority. Though 75% of women with menopause report having hot flashes (the most common menopause symptom according to Johns Hopkins Medicine), many still struggle to find solutions.
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Personal cooling products

Get instant relief with personal cooling products Personal cooling products can deliver powerful relief from hot flashes and other conditions that cause you to feel too warm. From ice packs and cooling towels to portable fans and wearable AC devices, personal cooling products are designed to help you feel more comfortable no matter where you go.
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Personal cooling device

The benefits of a personal cooling device A personal cooling device can be a great way to find relief from the heat. Whether you're someone who is constantly warm or you're among the 75% of women who experience hot flashes during menopause (as reported by Johns Hopkins Medicine), a personal cooling device gives you the power to control your experience with temperature.

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